Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Came Out a Year Ago Today!

see the original video here

A time to reflect.

I feel like Abraham while on his journey to sacrifice Isaac. I imagine he had thought's similar to, 

"This just doesn't make sense."

It was his faith that caused him to act contrary to logic, intuition, and what he knew to be a commandment of God.

And so it is with me.

Writing a song for YouTube :) [Jimmy Hales]
I graduate soon.

In fact, not only will I graduate, but I will be leaving Utah. I already have a job lined up and am excited beyond words. A new chapter of my life is about to begin, only this one will be based in a setting of clarity that's void of those uncertainties which previously exhausted a large part of who I am. But like all hardships, I'm now stronger than ever before. I'm happier than ever before.

I need puppies.


  1. So proud of you JaMes and exciTed for your new adventure! Xo

  2. So proud of you JaMes and exciTed for your new adventure! Xo

  3. You claim that the church's doctrines will never change (specifically on homosexuality) when they clearly have. If you consider this source (I recommend researching it for yourself and checking its primary sources. This may not be from, but oftentimes sources like the journal of discourses can be found on church sponsored websites, if that makes you feel more confident in it), you can see that the church's official doctrine has changed over time drastically:

    With all due respect, acting as if the church is unchanging and has always been respectful with its doctrine towards homosexuals and allowing it to control your life looks a lot like Stockholm syndrome.

  4. How do you already have a job lined up after graduation? I am graduating this June and am moving to Utah and I don't have a job yet!

  5. Jimmy, have you seen the awesome video on bullying based on the words of Dieter Uchtdorf at ??

    If you agree that one is helpful, would you kindly consider the use your producing and video editing skills to address another serious concern for homeless LDS LGBT youth?

    There is an urgent and critical need in Salt Lake City right now! If you know of someone who will consider being part of the Safe and Sound network of homes for our homeless youth and you're in the Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden area, please consider doing this now. Visit

    Utah homeless shelters and supporting organizations have been unable to find enough placements. LDS parents in crisis, are putting their LGBT children out on the streets. There has to be a better way. Ignoring the issue really won't help much either. Education based on love, acceptance, understanding and inclusion targeted for parents. Parents who struggle to embrace and value diversity and force their Mormon LGBT children homeless onto the street to fend for themselves.

    The anti-bullying video might be a good model for your next video.. Will you please do something?