Saturday, March 15, 2014

At Least 10% of the Students in My Classes at BYU Are Gay

How do I know this?

These are parameters, not statistics.

I came out just over a year ago (see this video), and as a result of such, I've had many people confide in me that they experience same-gender attraction. Therefore, I've discovered at least 10% of the students in every one of my classes since then (except one class I'm unsure of) have been gay.

Many of them are married. Many haven't even told their family members other than their spouse. In fact, the majority of these gay students in my classes aren't even "out".

I take a lot of computer classes, and even 10+% of those classes are gay. This tends to go against stereotypes. The majority of my classes are 90% male, and males are generally the one's who choose to confide in me. Some girls do, but not as often, hence that "one class" mentioned above that I'm unsure of. That class is full of mostly girls.

Gay people. We walk among you.

Like Canadians :)

Speaking of gay people! 
Carson Tueller!
Jimmy Hales & Carson Tueller
Carson and I met when I was 14 years old. We lived in the same neighborhood and went to church together and all that fun stuff. He came out to me (and then everyone) this past year. This past December Carson was in a trampoline accident and as a result is now paralyzed from the chest down. I am completely devastated. Carson, quite literally, is one of the most incredible people I've ever met. I would have said the same about him even before the accident.

There will be a 5k run (and other activities, which you can learn about here) to help raise money to cover the costs of Carson's recovery. He also has an incredible blog.

Carson Tueller -- What a stud.

Music Update:
I'm just finishing up writing another song. I like this one. It's happy. The tone of my music is finally catching up to where I am. I hope to release it this month, but it'll probably be next month to be honest.


  1. Parameter is a characteristic that describes populations, and statistic is a characteristic that describes a sample. Sure that it's parameter and not statistic? :)

    Can't wait for your next song to come out. I have purchased your original two already on Google Play. I look forward to purchasing and listening to your new song. You are VERY talented! I am glad you share your music with us.

    Happy day, Duck

  2. I saw his story on the news and read a little of his blog. He seems like a remarkable guy with a positive attitude. I wish him the best in recovery and life.

    Excited to hear your new stuff. I'm excited to maybe have access to fancy equipment soon-ish. ;)

    See you in a month!

  3. I understand the point you are trying to make- you are trying to make being "gay" as you put it, more normal and acceptable. The way you justify it, however, is through numbers of those doing it. I think this is a terrible argument no matter which side of the fence you sit on. Whether you call it a statistic or parameter, it is a poor justification even if you were to be right. The numbers of people involved in something doesn't make it right- so here are some others for you since we are using numbers. 50%, that is the rate of divorces a in America- or 46,523 a week if you like that number better. 25% of all search engine results are used to look at porn. 28% is the number of American's who drink enough to be alcoholics. 33% is the number of businesses that go bankrupt because of theft from an employee- $50,000,000,000, yep 50 Billion, is how much business loose each year due to theft from employees. So, I'm not saying you can't make your case- just don't base it on how many are or aren't doing it. It's a terrible argument. It's a fallacy. And it's misleading. That being said, I hope you and your friend are doing well. You seem like good people.

  4. Dude, seriously calm down. There is no "number of people doing something" in his post, as if he or any of the people he's talked to have any choice in what they're experiencing. What he HAS chosen, according to the beginning of the video he references, and what by far the majority of the people at BYU who experience same gender attraction HAVE chosen, is to live the gospel of Jesus Christ anyway. Hence many of them being married (there is a blog article written by an LDS guy who is gay but very happily married, I'll have to find it and but a link in comments if the blog author hasn't seen it yet), hence the author saying he intends to live a life of celibacy.

    What I find disturbing is the number. Official statistics from not many years ago put homosexuals at between one and two percent of the population. I don't know if they meant only practicing ones, I doubt it. This would be considered wildly objectionable in certain circles, but I think the author and other similar practicing LDS gay men won't find it so: While the politically correct explanation would be that there have always been the same number of gay people, and they've been oppressed into silence, I consider that implausible if its really 10% plus. I think the number of people who experience this is growing.

    1. Jimmy says that he takes a lot of computer class. From my experience, it does seem that a disproportionate number of gays are in the computer/internet industry. Maybe for computer class his 10% number is not too inaccurate.

  5. I've always believed that there were many people in the closet at BYU, but never really had any evidence of it. I'm one of the married variety who is firmly in the closet and basically only came out to the girl I eventually married (i.e. not to other family). However, I am almost a generation older than you. My point is that this is not some new phenomenon, but rather something that has been going on for a very long time. Most of us just keep quiet and go about our lives. It's only recently that people have become more open about this. In fact, since I used to consider the definition of "gay" to be "a guy with an active sexual relationship with another guy", I would not have identified as "gay" when I was in college. I've never questioned my orientation, though, which is firmly toward guys, not girls. From what I've read, the percentage of closeted homosexuals may be higher among guys than among girls. But it's hard to get good representative samples to study these kinds of things.