Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sentences Excluding Letters 'A', 'E', and 'F'

I sent the following text message to several people:

"Please write me a complete sentence that does not contain the letters 'A', 'E', or 'F'."

Their responses are as follows:
Scott Erickson: "I cry mightily to God."
Tracy Hales: "How is... You could do it..."
Christy Hales: "Mom is hot."
Jolie Hales: "Scurry to buy pills now or you will trip down hills."
Hailey Achter: "Why is my cool pink spotted pig digging by my couch's ugly brown cushion with such vigor?"
Brian Hales: "I will try to list words to construct such things."
Buddy Lindsey:  Monopolistic but curious, Jody Smith took two million dogs to curl up in Lincoln County's only pound"
Ryan McDonald:  "I found this rhino, sitting in your hut, it's so cool."
Dallin Hales:  "Your butt is hott."
Kurt Christensen:  "Ok this is not cool"
Me:  "All I know is Kurt sings good songs on numb butts."

I think it's funny how Dallin and I mentioned something to do with butts, and both Dallin and Christy talked about something being hot. 

I had no purpose to doing this.

The heart of Winter semester

        Wow, this semester is pretty typical.  High stress, good test scores, bad test scores, dating, awesome roommates, American Idol (my roommates and I are following very closely), cold weather with occasional days of total awesome weather, can't complain.  I haven't posted for a while, so this post will contain much joy.

I saw this poster hanging around various locations on campus.  I think it's hilarious.
I always wanted to get a picture of me doing this.  Finally one late night I asked Nozomi to take the picture.  It was quite popular on facebook.

This was taken the following night in the library.  Just trying to find joy in the journey.  Life is great ya know.

        This is an interesting story.  I was in Kaysville headed West on 200 N.  I came to the Main St intersection and wanted to turn left (South).  There was a car in front of me and they must have been dealing with children in the car or something.  The light turned green for us to go, in fact, the light was indeed the much loved green arrow.  The car in front of me sat there.  Five seconds passed by and they still didn't move.  Then they ever so slowly began to pull out into the intersection and turn left.  I followed closely in fear that the light would turn red.  While I was in the middle of the intersection the light then turned yellow, yet the car was still going about 5 mph.  I was annoyed and went around the car on the right side into the other lane.  This maneuver is illegal, but seriously.  I then sped up in order to pass this annoying driver, but while doing so they pushed the nos button and jetted forward with great propulsion.  I gave up and then slowed back down and continued to drive at normal speed.  Then I saw the lights.  Behind me that whole time was an undercover cop driving a Cadillac Escalade.  Fun! 

        He came to my window.  Knowing I had broken the law I had no argument.   He seemed angry and my guess was expecting me to retaliate.  I didn't, I kept calm knowing it's the only way to get out of this, though I was still annoyed at the driver.  Anyways, the cop listed the above pictured violations I made, but he also told me that it is illegal to be in the intersection if the light is green UNLESS it is clear to go.  I remember learning in High School that two cars could be in the intersection to turn left if the light is green and I mentioned this calmly to the officer.  He told me that isn't true.  I then assured the officer that specifically remember my teacher telling my driver's ed class this.  He again said this is wrong.  Then I mentioned that the green light back there was indeed an arrow and therefor even if what he said was true that I wasn't at fault in this aspect, however I knew there was plenty he could get me on, so I was calm and was quick to admit my stupid driving.  The officer went to his car to do whatever police officers do when they go to their car.  I don't know, but I'm guess this officer either realized or quickly looked up the whole law about cars being in the intersection and realized that I was right about it, also, the light back there was an arrow so such a false law didn't even matter.  He came back to the car and gave me all of the warnings you can see above.  He said that my calmness and patients is what got me off.  I was so grateful. 

    The officer was a nice guy, but he needs to learn the law a bit better.  I told my Mom this story and she emailed the State to inquire about the two-car-in-the-intersection rule.  I was right.
My roommates and Kurt.  It was a weekend and we had nothing to do, so we went to Wal - Mart.  While there we decided we would buy a drink for another person.  Preston bought me a Sobe, Kurt bought Preston orange juice, Dalton bought Kurt some juice, and I bought Dalton carbonated water.  Dalton hated his drink.

Creater of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg came and talked to BYU students.  I sat with my Chinese friends :)
Mark Zuckerberg

Scott and I usually eat at the Blue Line Deli in the Tanner building on campus after our class which is held on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We ran into Lucia this day which was awesome.

My job gets me doing various jobs.  The people in the picture are all over certain parts of the world like Japan, China, South America, Africa, European countries, etc.  While I am the BYU China facilitator, we occasionally get asked to do odd jobs like serve Gelato to guests from Italy.  I have never had a better tasting frozen treat before in my life!!!  We ate waaay too much and completely spoiled our dinners.
This was the first day of the semester where the weather was amazing.  I decided to study outside.  While doing so random friends would come up and have small talk with me.  I was fortunate enough to have both Nozomi and Kurt walk by.  I consider these two some of the best friends I have ever had.
This picture was taken when I was sitting the the spot shown in the picture above.  It was such a beautiful day and I thought I would take a picture of this building at BYU known as the JFSB.