Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boating On the Lake, Hiking On the Mountain

Well, I finally did it.  I hiked "Y" Mountain.  People always tell me they've hiked "Y" mountain and when I tell them I haven't hiked it they have a fit.  I had never hiked the "Y" previously because it simply hasn't appealed to me at all.  I grew up on the side of the Rocky Mountains, hiking through amazing canyons with cool wild life was something I did casually.  I would tell people this and they said that the "Y" is a really cool hike.

So Buddy, Scott, and Alyssa (Scott's girlfriend) began our ascent at 6:10am.  We hiked how ever long it was to get to the big "Y" on the mountain.  Wow, I cannot believe how lame the hike was.  It was sooo stupid!!!  It was seriously just a bunch of switch backs on dry dead terrain.  The view from the "Y" was just ok.  We did however see a bunny on the trail which brought us a fair amount of joy.  I deem the hike "lame as".

Just laying on the "Y".  You can see the temple in the background which is kinda cool.
Well, Once we got to the "Y" we continued upwards towards the top of the mountain where people never really go.  It was a long hike, but there was some extremely beautiful meadows and mountain tops, not to mention the view got better and better.
Buddy and I just chillin' in a meadow
Behind me is "Pride Rock", the peek seen from the MTC.  Behind that is Mt. Timpanogas.

Here we are at the top.  It was here Buddy intentionally dumped the half full bag of goodies onto the ground.  It was hilarious.
Here I am at the top :)  BYU can be seen on the bottom right.
I loved the hike.  I do wish, however, that I had been wearing light pants, but it wasn't too bad.  Being with Scott and Buddy kinda sucked.  Just kidding.  If there are any two people I love being with it's them.  I laugh so much when I'm with them.  Hahaha!!!  Wow, as we left the mountain Scott, Buddy and I drove our cars.  I lead the way, them I randomly pulled off into some random side dirt road.  Buddy, who was following me, continued down the mountain and soon pulled off into some random parking lot.  I eventually got back on the road and found myself following Scott.  As we drove through a neighborhood Scott suddenly pulled into the driveway of some random house while I passed him and continued down.  It was all so spontaneous and random I loved it!  Scott and I eventually arrived at the BYU creamery where we would meet Buddy's wife Rachel for food.  It took Buddy a few minutes to arrive.  Buddy then told us that he too pulled into some random driveway but as he did, the garbage truck hung out in front of that house for a time, thus trapping him in the driveway for several minutes LOL!!!  The best part is is that neither Scott or I saw him do any of this hahaha!!! 

I also went boating with my Mom and bro.  It was fun as usual, but we missed having Christy and Ben there.

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My awesome mom.

Dallin got pulled over because the cop thought he was breaking the law because he was pulling two people.  But it was a four seater, so he was good.

Kurt and my other roommate Yejezkel came too.

I am actually in California right now as I write this.  I'm in Jolie's apt with friends Nozomi, Rie, Jeff, and Kei.  Jolie is in Canada haha!  She left yesterday which sucks, but meh, at least I got to see her for a few days.  I'll blog about this totally awesome week when I get back to Provo.  Please enjoy your next breakfast.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


The other night a few of us went to dinner at Chili's, the place we ALWAYS go to when any few of us come back to Layton/Kaysville for whatever reason, in this case, it's Summer and Shane and Steve just got back from their missions.  We came to my house and all of us wrote a letter to our friend Ryan who has joined the Marines and is currently in boot camp.  We decided to take a picture.
Ty, Me, Richard, Steve (under table), Shane, Kurt

Well, it seems like everyone is our group of friends is home from their missions. Today was both Shane and Steve's homecomings.

It was really good to see everyone again.

Steve went to Denmark speaking Danish and Shane went to Ukraine speaking Russian.  In the next picture Shane told us to act "Russian" and said to look unhappy.

I didn't have my tripod, so I had someone else take this hoping it would have turned out.  I shall never forget to bring my tripod again.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ten Seconds of TV Time

Ok, so these past two weeks were again filled with constant programming.  I would wake up in the morning and program until sometime after midnight.  One day for the purpose of making things a little more interesting I decided to send the following text message to the below listed people:

If you were given 10 seconds of TV time in which you knew the whole world was watching, what would you do during those 10 seconds? (your answers shall go on my blog)

I put the responses of those who responded below.  They appear in the same order in which their responses were received.

Dalton Purnell: "Do a freestyle dance"

Zach Romney: "You want a serious answer or a funny answer?"

Christy Hales: "Back handspring back tuck, heels."

Dallas Hawks: "I would tell the world to smile more. :)"

Eric Rigby: "I would try to catch a house dropped by an airplane that is falling for 9 full seconds."

Caleb West: "To read james' blog.And to tell their friends about the fortune-telling scale at trolly square"

Heather Gruwell: "Haha I would make sure I wasn't on tv lol.  I don't like being put on the spot for the world to see me."

Dallin Hales: "I would go punch someone where it hurts, throw some eggs at some people, try to play the flute and attempt to spin on my head."

Brian Hales: "Alma 29:1"

Buddy Lindsey: "Given plenty of time to prepare myself mentally and emotionally, I would bear my testimony."

Jeff Ye: "Watch TV without a blink"

Parker Jensen: "who is this?"

Kurtis Christensen: "I would first smile to show confidence, then I would give a shout out to my friends and family letting them know how awesome they are and then I would say "I'm going to Disneyland!!" "

Jolie Hales: "Beg for film funding."

Brenna McFarland: "Make out with Jimmy Hales."

Tracy Hales: "Wanna go out? Do you drink?  Background check first."

Kei Ikeda: "show my whole naked body during 10sec. lol. Hey, do you know how to play iso file that is downloaded from thepiratebay on psp or ps3? :)"
Mike Salazar: "Give my testimony"