Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Fall

I'm getting really antsy.

What will I be doing this fall?

SCHOOL:  I'll be taking a full load of classes this Fall.  I am NOT looking forward to it.  This past winter semester I ended up dropping all but two classes when I released my coming out video.  With all of the emotions and stress that came along with coming out, I just needed some "me" time, plus I was so wrapped up with the media that I was never in Provo.  I got used to the freedom of having almost no classes, but now I have to go back.  Blah.

WORK:  *Sigh* I don't want to work during school, but I need money.  I have a few options as far as possible jobs go, but I might end up making video with a Professor at BYU.  But these videos will be for an audience of software engineers, so it's very much work and not play.  It looks like I'm always going to have a camera in my hands because...

YOUTUBE:  I'll be hitting YouTube hard this fall.  I'll be collaborating with a fellow gay Mormon, so hopefully we can get something awesome going.  Our videos will be very personality driven.  We'll have a nice variety of videos ranging from original music, shorts, vlogs, and basically anything that comes to mind.  Are the videos going to be gay themed?  That's not the plan.  There might be an occasional gay twist on things, but overall they'll be wholesome awesomeness for everyone, particularly Mormons.  

I'm coveting again   Some things I want for my channel are:

  • Wireless mics to clip onto people
  • Soundproof foam stuff for my studio/room
  • A New camera

------------------------------somebody took some pics of me taking videos------------------------------
I officially take more videos than I do pictures.  Here I was recording stuff for THIS video.

Yet again.

If they only knew I wasn't acting.

OTHER:  Something else kinda big, but it might not happen.  I'm still waiting to hear back.  Meh.

My apartment.  I live on the third-from-the-top (16th) floor.  When I come home late, if the lights are on then I'm happy because my cute Chinese family is home.  If the lights aren't on then I'm sad.
Can't wait to make more videos!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Man

Hi, my name is Jimmy Hales and I'm a BYU student.  I'm currently in China doing an internship.  Here is a blog post :)

'Wait, sloooooooooow down there!'  The other day I was sitting in a meeting at work in Suzhou, China, when I stopped for a moment to realize where I was and what I was doing.  I looked around, everyone was Chinese and everything was done in Chinese, including the meeting I was sitting in.  'Am I really here right now?  China?  Like seriously?'  It's a bit surreal being here even still.

I write this while sitting in a 5 star hotel in Nanning, China.

So why am I hear?  Welllllll, I'm best man at a Chinese wedding!

Li Liyi and me just before the wedding started.  What a stud.

My dear friends Li Liyi, Pan Yuxin, and me.  Taken three months ago (April 2013) in Provo, Utah.
Anyways, things are going great!  I'm really missing all of my audio/video recording stuff.  Man, I'm going crazy not making any videos!  AAAAHHHSAfsdf;ij;sijfdo;ojoifpafy9y8pefyw98p.

I'm reading this:
David Archuleta is cute.  That's all for now.
I just squished a spider on the wall.