Sunday, June 21, 2015

Coasting Into the Arizona Summer

Blogging. Never have so many people had so much to say to hardly anyone.

I heard that before and it makes me laugh. However, if you're part of a community, blogging can be a lot of fun and people will actually read you posts.

I used to blog a lot for the gay Mormon community regarding my experience as a gay Mormon, but I'm taking a break from that for now for an unknown duration of time. For now I think of my blog posts more as a type of journal entry and a way to keep my family and friends informed on what's going on in my life on the surface.


I've always loved the violin. As a kid I saw Lord of the Dance, a Celtic dancing production of sorts. In it there is a sweet violin duet which got my attention of the violin. Well, I impulsively bought a violin online one day and signed up for lessons. I've had three lessons so far and love it. I practice so much.

Me and my violin teacher Rebecca Urie.
Of course, having a full time job work is a huge part of my life. This month we're having a planking challenge. Everyday we're supposed to blank for a certain amount of time. Here's us doing it one day.

We also had a field day to celebrate one year of being in the new building. We also hired 100 college grads that same week, so it was kinda like a big party day.

Here's Maria, my fake girlfriend, getting dunked.

Maria is the cutest girl ever. She's so much fun and loves adventure.

Not too long ago none of my family lived in Arizona. Now my sister, brother and I live here. But now our fun cousin Brian joined us! He graduated from BYU and, like me, found a job down here. It's nice having family nearby.

Occasionally other family members visit us and so I'll spend the weekend with them at my Sister's place. My sister came into town and so I went to church with them. My sister Christy is ward organist.

I've always loved freshly squeezed juice. Just around the corner from my work and current residence is a wonderful juice bar, Raw Organic Juice Bar. It's sooooo yum! I go there a lot. They know my usual.

Going out to eat is a favorite. Sushi and crab tend to be the most frequented choices. This is the first restaurant that I've been to that served Monster. I was so happy. The restaurant is called Blue Wasabi. Their wasabi was blue.

We ordered way too much.

I went to the lake with friends Kent and Neil. Neil was visiting from out of state and it happened to be his birthday. It was actually the first time I had ever met him, but he's cool and we were instafriends.

Kent did a flip off the boat.

I've had a strange bug that has drained my energy for a few days. It's really weird actually. I'm nearing its end, but still it tends to make me extra tired at times.

Being sick is justification to order Chinese takeout and watch a horror movie all by myself. Something I absolutely love to do.

Well, my buddy Jordon is waiting on me to play Command and Conquer Red Alert with him right now, so I best be off.