Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Into Being Lazy

Ok, my laziness is not by choice.  I have a messed up foot and a pretty bad stress fracture in my hip, so no more running.  Am I upset?  Yes.  However, I'm used to being broken and just think to myself, 'take the time that I used to spend running (which was a lot) and put it into writing/recording music, making movies, or some other productive leisure activity'.  This type of mindset works and I'm always working on some project.  But I miss running so much.

I'm only taking one class at the moment, CS 455 Computer Graphics.  It's actually a lot of fun, pretty interesting, and pretty math intensive.  Nozomi and I are working on a semester project.  We're making a video game about breakdancing.  Its quality is going to be very low and therefor the game will be fun to play haha!

So I'm still learning the ropes in Pro Tools, my new recording hardware and software.  I'm just making some simple, yet fun, projects.  Here is a song I recording with one of my roommates Ryo and one of my BFFs Nozomi.  The song, "Yonaki", is a cover and originally found as a bonus track on a album of the Japanese band Radwimps.
Ryo, Jimmy, Nozomi singing Yonaki
I am discovering something about this video blog.  It is so hard to gather footage.  I'm a one man show, but I need a sound guys, a lights guy, camera guy, time-code guy, and of course the actors.  I'm doing all of the above mentioned things and therefor things are really slow while shooting and those in the movie being shot get anxious and aaaahhhhHHHHHHH!  I'm really struggling finding people that WANT to take part in this.  Until I find some willing people I'm just going to have to focus on really simple things and music writing.  Last night my friends were pretty helpful, so it was nice :)

Last night Ryo, Nozomi, Kana, and I made a spontaneous video.  It's basically a remake of some simple video Nozomi and I made two years ago.  I plan on making a funny video where the scary leprechaun on the Lucky Charms box comes to life and attacks people.  Since I need original music now, last night's video will be given to my sister Christy to make scary music for.  It'll be good practice for the both of us.  

My bro managed to capture this awesome picture of my awesome dog Rykar.

So Nozomi and I have been on this Asian Horror Movie streak.  Here are some of the movies we've watched recently:

Cello (Korean)

Dorm (Thai)

Shutter (Thai version)

Phobia (Thai)

Phobia 2 (Thai)

Ringu (Japanese)

Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night (Japanese)

The Grudge Series (Japanese)
Coming Soon (Thai)

Death Bell (Korean)
Of the above listed movies the one I think was most scary is definitely Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night.  Man, it really gives me the creeps.  I really enjoyed Coming Soon, Shutter and Phobia 1 & 2, but they don't freak me out when I'm going to bed like Tokyo Night does.

I have also begun to to watch non-horror foreign films.  One film, 3 Idiots, is seriously one of the best movies I've ever seen.  It goes on my top 5 list of best movies ever seen.

It was Mother's Day.  My mom is the best and I love her infinity!

I'm going to shower and then eat something now.  Until next time!