Monday, January 20, 2014

Writer's Block

I'm not sure what it is, but I've been having a really hard time being creative these past few weeks. I feel that up until now, I've written and produced my share of melancholy gay Mormon themed songs. I'd like to move on and show everyone more of who I really am. But what am I going to write about? Love songs are out of the questions. That leaves_______???

At one point I seriously considered writing a song about trees. Like, seriously. That's how bad this writer's block has been.

I love writing and recording. Producing/mixing is still a bit stressful because that's where I believe the most difficult part of creating a song lies, and I'm still quite a novice producer. We've all heard a not-so-good song that, when redone by another artist, sounds amazing. Producing/mixing can do just that. I have a great song in my head right now, but I just can't make it sound good.

Below are some random clips of us (mostly of Adam) goofing off during some of the recording sessions we've had.

I would love to have some people jump in and participate with all of this stuff. The thing is, these people need to want to participate. I have many great friends who are willing to help because they are kind people and are happy to help, but unless they're passionate about it, making videos/music tends to be more work than play. Any takers?