Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A day in Salt Lake with Leo

 Last week my buddy 田家林 (Tian Jialin) introduced me to one of this life long friends Leonardo Axel Li.  Tian went out of town for the holidays and so Leo and I hung out a bit.  The more I was with Leo the more he reminded me of Tian.  We hit it off good and had fun.
 At one point we had to get off the tram in down town Salt Lake and jump onto another tram that was already stopped at the station we were getting off at.  We ran and just as the doors started to close I jumped on, pushing the doors open.  After I got the on the doors slammed shut behind me.  I turned around to see Leo staring at me  through the door's window with a big smile on his face.  We were laughing pretty hard as I slowly pulled away from the station losing sight of Leo.  Cell phones saved us, we met up some 15 minutes after this occurred.

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  1. Sweet bloggerty!!! Leonardo plays drums too??

    I see it now lets you click and enlarge the picture that you put a caption on. Yay.