Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chinese New Year

I had the fun opportunity to sing a solo to a popular Chinese pop song (周杰伦 - 不能说的秘密)at the BYU Chinese New Year celebration. I had laryngitis, so it was a bit interesting. During the last verse I just belted my lungs out and pretty much screamed; it was definitely entertaining.
I forgot the lyrics a few times because I started learning the song a few days ago. At one point when I forgot the words I sang, "我不知道歌词", which means "I don't know the words". They laughed at that.

Half way through the song my buddy 胡宇 (Hoo Yoo) ran up on stage and gave me balloons LOL!! Into the mic I was like, "Wah, Hoo Yoo, 我爱你! ( I love you)". It was fun.

I saw a lot of friends there that I haven't hung with for a while.

Ma Xiyue!  A great friend and accompanist :)

Kurt is a friend from high school. He is one of the "Davis Sophomore" friends I had during my senior year in High School. We hang together everyday which is totally awesome. Love Kurt.

Some of my Chinese bros, or 哥们儿 rather.


  1. Somebody recorded it, but it's nothing special. I literally never sang through the song once because I had no voice, so it's a bit interesting.