Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ten Seconds of TV Time

Ok, so these past two weeks were again filled with constant programming.  I would wake up in the morning and program until sometime after midnight.  One day for the purpose of making things a little more interesting I decided to send the following text message to the below listed people:

If you were given 10 seconds of TV time in which you knew the whole world was watching, what would you do during those 10 seconds? (your answers shall go on my blog)

I put the responses of those who responded below.  They appear in the same order in which their responses were received.

Dalton Purnell: "Do a freestyle dance"

Zach Romney: "You want a serious answer or a funny answer?"

Christy Hales: "Back handspring back tuck, heels."

Dallas Hawks: "I would tell the world to smile more. :)"

Eric Rigby: "I would try to catch a house dropped by an airplane that is falling for 9 full seconds."

Caleb West: "To read james' blog.And to tell their friends about the fortune-telling scale at trolly square"

Heather Gruwell: "Haha I would make sure I wasn't on tv lol.  I don't like being put on the spot for the world to see me."

Dallin Hales: "I would go punch someone where it hurts, throw some eggs at some people, try to play the flute and attempt to spin on my head."

Brian Hales: "Alma 29:1"

Buddy Lindsey: "Given plenty of time to prepare myself mentally and emotionally, I would bear my testimony."

Jeff Ye: "Watch TV without a blink"

Parker Jensen: "who is this?"

Kurtis Christensen: "I would first smile to show confidence, then I would give a shout out to my friends and family letting them know how awesome they are and then I would say "I'm going to Disneyland!!" "

Jolie Hales: "Beg for film funding."

Brenna McFarland: "Make out with Jimmy Hales."

Tracy Hales: "Wanna go out? Do you drink?  Background check first."

Kei Ikeda: "show my whole naked body during 10sec. lol. Hey, do you know how to play iso file that is downloaded from thepiratebay on psp or ps3? :)"
Mike Salazar: "Give my testimony"


  1. Haha! "Who is this?" Funny. And Dallin. Ha. This is fun.

  2. Now this was unique, to say the least, and very entertaining! That's my James for you! XO

  3. ha. This turned out really cool. I +1'd it. See ya.