Monday, January 30, 2012

Life Is More Fun When You're Living

First of all, whhhoooooaaaaaaaa!!!!

1) I'm taking a really hard class that I don't care about.
2) I'm taking an easy online class that I don't care about.
3)  Video Blog facing much opposition, but it is happening and I feel really good about it!
4)  Singing gigs?  How about no.

Sooooo, about three weeks ago we shot our first short, "The Audition".  It was a last minute thing because I was originally planning to shoot something else, but as a result of not getting the desired location and people not being able to go cross eyed, we had a change in what was being shot and last minute cast changes.  I was determined to shoot though because I'm not going to sit here and dream any longer, I'm going to act.

Scene from "The Audition"

The talented Ryan King

We shot it.  It was just OK.  It was really good to get back into things though and for that I feel it's all worth it.  It isn't going to be posted.  We will probably re-shoot it later this year.

So this vlog is going to take a lot of time.  My friend who was going to compose music for it dropped out.  I understand it would have been a lot of time for him and can't blame him because he's already really busy.

Who is going to write music now?  Well, I am.  I need to learn some more Pro Tools, but this a skill I've ALWAYS wanted to perfect and now it's happening.  My buddy Shane Jensen shares this same passion about music making, so he will help out as well.  Of course my sister Christy is an awesome composer and we will definitely be working together.  I already shot the first video I'm going to give to her to compose music to.  It'll be good practice for both of us and the video is going to freakin rock.

I intend on this vlog to have shorts, original songs, vlogs, pranks, etc.  I've been studying Pro Tools as much as possible in my free time so I can master the art of recording the music that lives inside of me.

Speaking of music, I wrote a song in Chinese and sung it at the BYU Chinese New Year celebration.  It was my first time singing and playing the piano at the same time, performing an original song, and writing a song in Chinese.  The performance was a little pitchy because I couldn't hear myself.

Singing my original "给你们的歌".  I plan on recording it in the near future.
Afterwards I was apporached by a woman who asked me to sing for her businesses Chinese something or other.  She wants me to take 15 minutes to entertain everyone at the convention.  It's going to be held at UVU.  I'll be honest, I'm a little freaked out.  I'm not near good enough to be considered "entertainment" anywhere except for a ward talent show.  I have less than two weeks to learn some new songs.  Aside from school and my vlog I'm not sure how I'm gonna do this.  But I like a good challenge and I'm making things happen these days, so I accepted the invitation.

This past Saturday Shane and Steve came down and shot our first official short with Kurt, Chloe, Buddy and myself.
A frame from our new official first short "Ordering Pizza"

Buddy was the mastermind behind this one and I'm excited for it to come out in a little less than two weeks. It wasn't a perfect shoot, but we're not going for that.  We're just having fun and if our families are the only ones who watch our stuff, great!

My room is now called "The Studio"

Who is Wong Fu?

They are my major inspiration to starting my vlog.  They are three ABCs (American Born Chinese) that just started making movies for fun, only they got huge.  I don't expect to get huge, but I do want to give those around me some fun stuff to watch, so I'm starting my own channel on Youtube, Facetious Face Productions.

I'm excited to get our channel up.

I need to do some homework now.  See ya'll.

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  1. Why don't you shoot your vlog with the HD on your phone and just upload it from there? jk (That's only MY vlog.) lol

    I'm not surprised you performed for the Chinese NY. You're way better than a ward talent show.

    I have busy days today/tomorrow, but I think Friday I'll be able to get crackin'. Woot woot.