Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ugly Pics

I sent this to some friends and family:

Here they are in the order I received them.

Shane.  Shane has a nak for looking bad in pics.  Here is one taken months ago:

Taken a few months ago.


Jonny.  It looks like he's at the MTC.


Shun sent a picture of his friend.

Dalton.  Pretty good actually.

Dallin.  Yes.

My fav of Buddy's



Nozomi, sent by his girlfriend



Kelly Clarkson has a new song, Catch My Breath that has grown on me like none other.  I've had it on repeat all day.  It isn't released for two more days, so I keep on hitting play in YouTube where it is currently posted.  It's a great feel-good song.  

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  1. Hahaha nice. I'm very disappointed in Jo's pic. I was looking forward to it too.