Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Is Here. It's Almost Time...

Well, it's about time that semester ended.  It was a good semester, but it needed to end.

Change.  That is what is happening.  There are FEW people on this planet that have the slightest idea as to why I say this.

I had another job offer yesterday, and yes, it came as a result of my YouTube channel being discovered.  Who'da thought?!  I don't think I'm going to take this one though.  My YouTube channel is still being developed.  The titles of my videos are intentionally not mainstream search titles because I'm still solidifying my media skill sets.  I've put a ridiculous amount of money in my home recording studio, but it just feels right.    Why am I doing all this?  No idea.  Actually, there is one thing I have in mind...

Wow, I have so much to say right now, but no words are coming.  Here are some pictures taken of this semester:

This is Chloe.  We are not dating.  I love her.

Chloe and I in front of Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing back in 2009

One of my jobs is do to research related to new technology to help deaf people learn in unique environments.  This picture is funny because I'm the only guy who isn't deaf in it.

One of my dear mission companions Jonny Liu mentioned he had an extra ticket to the BYU Singers concert.  While we were companions he introduced me to them and told me about them.  Who better to see them with than Jonny?!  Here we are just after the show.

Here's a new friend.  This is Adam White and he's going to be in an upcoming music video with me which is currently being made for a BYU something or other.

While on my mission I became an avid BYU Men's Chorus fan.  I have all of there albums and have memorized all of the songs on them.  One day I randomly walked past a sign advertising for their upcoming concert and so I bought a ticket and went all by myself haha!  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My totally awesome roommate Khanh Le from Vietnam.  We went through a phase where every night before we went to bed we'd watch a documentary about some illicit drug.  If I did drugs, I would definitely do ecstasy.

About to present some research.

Moving into my new place!  I'm sick of moving.

At the beginning of every school year I volunteer as a Y Group Leader.  I pretty much become friends with incoming freshmen and lead them around for two days.

This cute little random thing likes to come in my room and watch me study.  She is absolutely silent and I never see her coming.  I'll turn my head and BAM, she's sitting two feet away from me wagging her tail.

Third trip to California this year.  This time I helped Jolie shoot tons of stuff for her upcoming YouTube channel. Here we are with some of mine and Jolie's friends eating at my favorite sushi place in California.  My picture is up on the wall there.

I attended dance lab for my dance class.  It was actually really fun.  A hilarious, yet sad event occurred which ended in me literally running away from a girl lol!  It was a fun night.

Just studying with Chloidge :)  This is my spot, the juvenile section on the fourth floor.  I've studied in this section for four years and counting.

My mom got married!  In fact my step dad (whoa, that is weird to say) and now my mom live in pleasant grove.  Whoa.  Suddenly home is really REALLY close.  
New family tradition, gingerbread house making.  Mine ended up looking like a coal power plant.

My beautiful mom who I love so much got married to an awesome guy!!!  I love my mom and hated seeing her be alone.  Such a good day!
United States Golfers Association anyone?


  1. Ecstasy haha! You should come visit here. How often is your sis going to live at the mall? Maybe not much longer... But if we get our house, it has a sweet pool. Incentive?