Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunny Seattle

So I went to Seattle.  The conversation went like this:

This was perfect because Buddy is my best friend and I miss his face.  Also, I'm gathering footage for an upcoming YouTube video and Seattle was a great place to get it.

I leaned my phone against a pillar to get this shot.  Buddy knew when I would arrive.  I called and he was like, "Uh, yeah.  I'll leave soon.  Be there in 30-hour.  I found it funny.  
Amber!  I haven't seen her for years!!!
 Here is a picture of Amber and me back in high school.
We're both in the same shirt.
Amber is great and we'll be friends forever.

Buddy's son Revin is really cute.  If I sang (which I tend to do a lot) he would just stare at me.  When I play the piano he joins me.  Here we are jamming on their piano which they bought for $100 off Craigslist.

Revin only likes watching "Tangled".  This is Rachel, Buddy's awesome wife.

One evening we made gingerbread houses.  This was mine.  Monster is bad for you.

I loved car rides because I loved seeing the state of Washington.  So many tall trees!

I sat next to Revin and he would just stare at me.

Our gingerbread houses and... Richie.

Initially we had 10 people in the two man apartment.  Everyone left before I did so I eventually got my own room.  It was a beautiful thing.
Dinner at the Space Needle!  Revin looks heroic in this pic haha!
This man's electric wheelchair was dead, so Buddy pushed him to a certain spot...
...where he started doing magic tricks for people.  He was really nice.

At the top of the Space Needle!  That is Seattle in the background.

I had to hold my camera ridiculously still to get this one.  I used the camera on my phone, which is old, so the pics simply capture the moment and nothing more.  

Last day in Seattle was free, so I decided to spend it in the city all by myself.  I seriously had a blast.
Still in the car with Buddy just before he dropped me off downtown before he headed to work.

Out of the car!

The album I was listening to while walking along this path was entitled "Begin".  I also consider this chapter of my life as a new beginning.  It only added to my already stellar day.

I saw a few of these.  I walked through some shady parts of town in order to get to...

China Town!!!  I love freaking out Chinese people by coming in halfway through their conversations which are being spoken in Mandarin.  Kinda creepy of me, I know, but the shock factor ALWAYS wins and friends are made.

At this point I was going to pee my pants.  There weren't ANY public bathrooms.    I had no choice but to take the tram back to the center of the city and eat lunch and use the bathroom there.
Riding on the underground tram.
 Buddy and Rachel told me about this place "Specialty's" which has the best sandwiches.  They told me of one particular sandwich, but I forgot what it was.  I texted both Buddy and Rachel, but no response.  I even called them, but no answer.  I had been waiting for 20 minutes and finally decided to just order something.  I asked the manager what's the best.  He got all excited and was like, "Oh, oh, definitely the hot pastrami!"  Huge smile.  Just as I said, "I'll have tha....." I got a text from buddy which read, "BBQ Chicken."  Finally!  I then told the man my situation and that I must get the BBQ chicken.  He was like, "BBQ Chicken what?!  That's messed up.  I mean, it's ok, but the hot pastrami is way better man."  Now that I finally heard from Buddy now I was being persuaded against it.  Aaaahhh!  I ended up getting the BBQ chicken and it was yummy.

My BBQ chicken sandwich.  One of the girls at the cash register said I have a really cute smile.  Funny, because she had a really really cute smile.  Tragic.

Pike's Market!  I came here thrice in my day.  This was my second visit.  I contemplated buying a shirt every time I was there and probably got the poor shop keeper's hopes up really high every time I came in, but alas, I bought nothing.

The security guard offered to take this.  After she was like (she was black), "Ha ha, yo funny."  I liked her.

This wall was covered in gum.
 The Ferris Wheel

Ticket Booth
Cashier:  How many?
Me:  Just one?
Cashier:  One?!
Me:  Um, yeah.

Boarding the Ferris Wheel
Ticket Man:  How many?
Me:  Just one.
Ticket Man:  Just one?
Me:  Yes.
Ticket Man:  Oh.  That's fine.

Getting Into Gondola
Worker:  Just you?
Me:  Yup.
Worker:  Ah, hang in there buddy!

Um, alright.  Thank you Seattle.
I'm riding the city ferris wheel!  It was really fun despite being in a group of size ONE.
View from the top of the ferris wheel.

 I happily trotted away from the ferris wheel with no specific destination in mind.  I saw two dudes walking around in suites.  They approached me and happy like and were like, "Hey, do you want some beer?"  Ok, I'm joking.  They didn't say that.  Rather, they approached me and were like, "Hey are you doing today?"  and I was like, "I'm an R.M.."  They were street contacting and I didn't want to keep them from it.  One elder was from Oregon and the other from Arizona.  Suddenyly I heard a loud horn blow and a voice over a loud speaker say, "Now boarding!"  I thought to myself, 'I need to get on that boat!'  I said to the elders, "Sorry elders, I need to catch that boat.  See you later!"  and off I went haha! I bought the boat ticket and got on.  I had no idea what the boat was or where it was going, but it looked VERY touristy-esque.  It was full of Chinese people.  Score!
Getting on the boat :)

Here is a nice view of the ferris wheel.

The tour guide was hilarious.  He was totally aware that pretty much nobody on board understood him so he had fun with it.  "On the right we see a nice big globe on top of that grey building.  That is soooo cool."  He was great.

Seattle skyline and me.

This thing was sooooo BIG!!!  I couldn't get over it.  I just stared and stared.  Amazing.

They say that just a little under 1% of the crates fall into the ocean.  
I think I'm going to watch "Sleepless in Seattle" in the near future.

After my awesome boat ride I walked and found an aquarium.


I touched a star fish.
Leaving the aquarium.

Exiting the aquarium. 

Back to the market I go!
The Seattle library was quite a neat piece of architecture.

Inside the library.  This is called, "The Red Hallway".

A very narrow and very green escalator.

At the top of the library.

Just outside the library waiting for buddy to pick me up.

Buddy offered to put toothpaste on my toothbrush that night.  I almost choked.

Buddy seriously drove with only that much visibility LOL!

This picture.  Just had a heart to heart with Buddy.  Couldn't ask for a better life long best friend.

Sitting on the plane.

I flew over Mount St. Helens!!!  So cool!

Me:  I just landed, be outside soon.
Dallin:  Uh, am I supposed to pick you up?

Stranded again.

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  1. Hahaha "Christy."

    Your day of adventuring looks fun and movie-esque. I pictured Kevin wandering NYC on Home Alone 2. You covered a lot of ground in one day and my favorite picture is on the ferris wheel for some reason.

    Glad you had a lovely time. :)