Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Man

Hi, my name is Jimmy Hales and I'm a BYU student.  I'm currently in China doing an internship.  Here is a blog post :)

'Wait, sloooooooooow down there!'  The other day I was sitting in a meeting at work in Suzhou, China, when I stopped for a moment to realize where I was and what I was doing.  I looked around, everyone was Chinese and everything was done in Chinese, including the meeting I was sitting in.  'Am I really here right now?  China?  Like seriously?'  It's a bit surreal being here even still.

I write this while sitting in a 5 star hotel in Nanning, China.

So why am I hear?  Welllllll, I'm best man at a Chinese wedding!

Li Liyi and me just before the wedding started.  What a stud.

My dear friends Li Liyi, Pan Yuxin, and me.  Taken three months ago (April 2013) in Provo, Utah.
Anyways, things are going great!  I'm really missing all of my audio/video recording stuff.  Man, I'm going crazy not making any videos!  AAAAHHHSAfsdf;ij;sijfdo;ojoifpafy9y8pefyw98p.

I'm reading this:
David Archuleta is cute.  That's all for now.
I just squished a spider on the wall.

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  1. Isn't David Archuleta still on a mish?

    Pretty bride. Looks like fun!