Monday, September 9, 2013

The Conversation... and the Races

First day of class here at BYU.  I decided to make conversation while sitting in my chair waiting for class to begin.

(Turning to the guy next to me who was wearing solid colored shorts)

Me:  Excuse me, I've noticed a lot of guys wearing solid colored shorts this semester.  Is it some kind of uniform or something?

(I really just wanted to make conversation.  I knew that they weren't any kind of uniform.)

Guy #1:  Actually I just got off my mission a few weeks ago and my sister says that they're in, so I bought some.

(I now suspect this guy is gay)

Me:  Oh, OK (smile).  I thought maybe it was BYU Men's chorus being "cool" or something.  I've been out of the states for 4 months and I feel like this is a very new thing.

(Guy #2 enters the conversation)

Guy #2:   I just brought some red pants back from Europe, but people think I'm gay when I where them.  I am not gay!

(Guy #1 looks a bit uncomfortable.  I had a big smile on my face.)

Me:  Oh, is that right?

Guy #2:  Yeah, some chick who asked if I was gay went up to me and was like, "What's your major?"  And I was like, "Computer Science."  And then she was like, "I figured, your pants were a red flag."  And I was like, "What?! You thought I was gay and that I majored in computer science?!"  (smirk) Gay guys don't major in computer science.  I don't want to wear them anymore.

(I'm majoring in computer science)

Me: No shame bro, no shame.  You wear those pants.

So the guy hasn't thought too much about people like me.  Was I at all mad at him?  No.  Did I tell him I'm gay?  Not yet.  It's the culture around here that makes this guy talk the way he does.  He probably doesn't have any openly gay friends, so what does he base his language and tone off of?  Those around him of course.  Me being gay is no secret (clearly), but I'm being careful to not just avoid burning bridges, but to build them.  The guy is just ignorant.  Heck, I used to be ignorant, and I am gay.  I see a great learning opportunity at hand, so I'll do my best to deal with it properly :)


I'm back in the states!  The Disney races were great!  I ran the Dumbo Double Dare which means one day I ran a 10k, and the next day I ran a half-marathon.  With jet lag and my body rejecting Amercian food, there was no way I could PR.  I vomited during the 10k, which was fun.

Running through Angel Stadium during the half-marathon.
Running through California Adventure during the 10k

Running through Cars Land during the 10k

I promise I didn't pee myself, though if I did I would gladly admit it.
Drinking the cups of water they hand out while running
is no easy task.  You fellow runners understand :)

After the 10k with my dad, sisters, brother in law, and our awesome friend Greg.

After the half-marathon with my two awesome sisters and our awesome friend Greg.
 I miss my cute Chinese family.
My last night with the cute couple I lived with while in China this summer.

I still have jet lag and school has started, so adjusting has been a bit interesting, not to mention waking up at 3:00am for the Disney races.  I'm still setting up all of my audio/video stuff, but I'll be back on YouTube soon enough.  It's good to be back!


  1. Okay - that's pretty funny actually. You handled it well.

    I'm definitely not a runner, but that 10K looks AMAZING! I LOVE Disneyland! :)

  2. I've noticed that about Provost as well. I was with my bro and he ran into his roommate they both had their pants rolled up, and teh roommate was all "dude people are gonna thing we're queers if they see this"

    My two new roommates from chile are always hugging, but then being worried i'll think they are gay...little do they know they live with two Generally Awesome Y's

    OH well lots of good stuff going on. and it's great when guys try to dress well.....

    oh and crap, i just bought some solid color red's a dead give away

  3. BTw the fact that people are asking this, is kinda huge at BYU isn't it?

    It's not a "oh youre a fag get a way thing", but a "hey he might be one of the gay mormons" thing

  4. I'm happy you can roll with the ignorant punches and that awareness is increasing. (You can pat yourself on the back for your contribution to the latter.)

    You pictures... I'm pissed because I have like five pictures on Marathonfoto. Did you have to hunt any of yours down? Where are mine...

  5. I was kind of disappointed you weren't wearing red shorts....

  6. Hey Jimmy.
    I saw you on campus the other day and immediately recognized you from your video. I think what you do is pretty awesome. I recently transferred to BYU from the University of Oxford and I am also gay. It's nice to see someone like yourself. Nothing but love for everything you do.

  7. You wear those solid color shorts proudly. Just think about all the poor gays at BYU-I who can't... poor guys. lol