Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wearing Shorts in November

Blogging used to have such an appeal to me. Any free moment I had between assignments I would jump on the computer and blog in order to relax and keep loved ones informed on how I'm doing.

Now it feels kinda like a chore.

My Health?
I'm still vomiting. The doctor had me eat some radioactive oatmeal and drink some "special" water and then put me in a donut shaped machine (not a CAT scan) for 90 minutes while it scanned my innards.

They discovered I'm not digesting liquids normally.

I'm now on some meds that might be working, which worries me because the side effects are ridiculous and are making me tired and dizzy. During yesterday's run I didn't throw up. I'm not sure if I should be happy or not.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

But first I took a selfie.
Just before the #MakingStrides against #breastCancer walk.

I intended on running the walk, but I enjoyed the company of Victoria (cute girl in picture) and ended up walking and talking with her during the entire 3+ mile walk. It was a beautiful morning and the
weather couldn't have been better.

Here are some other members from our GM team.

Phoenix, Tempe Making Strides against breast cancer; team GM.

Staying Fit
Despite my minor medical issues, I have been able to do some running. While my pace isn't anything as competitive as it normally is, I've been placing top 3 at some races which has been a lot of fun.

I placed 2nd in my age group at the Oktober Fest 10K. They served beer at the finish line. Needless to say, I didn't have any.
Then at this 5K I placed 3rd overall. It took place at a fun place called Rawhide right here in Chandler.

I've been getting heavily involved at CrossFit. I won't talk about it much, but I sure do love the workouts and the friends I'm making there.

We had a Halloween party at CrossFit.

Maria and Jesus also work at GM, so we've become pretty good friends.

On this day we took turns pushing a sled on the asphalt. Everyone's legs were killing afterwards.

One month photo. You might be allowed to see this later.
A General Motors idea of a Halloween costume haha! I'm the letter "J" :)
At work we've been pretty festive for Halloween. We've set up various "haunted houses" because we had the employee's children come and go trick-or-treating throughout the building at each cubicle. Seriously the best deal for the kids. The candy to walking ratio is ridiculously high.

The Scarepoint Castle

The Pumpkin Patch

Pokemon world.
Notice my awesome dinosaur tail I'm sporting? It was a hit and everyone loved it. Thanks to my best friend's wife (who is also my friend) Rachel for making it for me!

We also recently celebrated Diwali. It was like an episode from The Office, only a lot more legit.

There was a fun program those from India put on for us. It included singing, dancing, and a type of fashion show.
They also served us some really yummy Indian food.

New video very soon.

I went shopping.


  1. Your job looks awesome!!

    Is that Apple cider? I love that stuff!

  2. I feel the same way about blogging haha.