Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Awakening -- Sunshine, Running, Happy

Naturally, I have been running a lot. Previously my stomach issues, which only occurred while running/exercising, have come and gone in waves, though they would never actually leave completely. The last three times I've gone running I haven't thrown up. I was a bit nauseated during those runs, but this is still progress... I think. Am I getting better? I sure hope I am.

Regardless, my average pace for my races have been less than 7 minutes a mile, so I'm competitive again, just not as fast as I could be. I think my stomach issues are settling down...???. *fingers crossed*

Here I am running the Froyo 5k in Mesa, AZ on March 7th. I placed 6th overall.

Here's my sister Christy and I are waiting for the race to begin. I ran with my GoPro.

My brother Dallin moved to Arizona! He just completed his mission, which was actually in Tuscon Arizona, but now he's back here to go to school.

Sometime this past week I hit up my favorite restaurant, Angry Crab Shack, with one of my favorite people, Kristen! The food was amazing and the conversation beautiful. Kristen is so easy to talk to. You can tell she really cares about you. Here is a swivel selfie. :)

Working for a car company we tend to have our own cars on site for us to oogle over and what not. This week we had GMC and Buick come visit. Buick has definitely changed their image, which is cool because I always thought of them as grandma cars. The GMCs were pretty sweet too, but I still really want a Chevy Colorado.

While playing with my GoPro I accidentally took a picture of myself. I think it's horrifying.

There's a teddy bear on top of the fridge.
Yesterday I met up with my sibs at a place called Butterfield's Pancake House & Restaurant. It was waaaay yummy. I ate everything.
My food, S'mores Oreo Pancakes
And another swivel selfie while at the restaurant.

Then that same day we decided to run a race haha! We seriously anticipated losing our lunch since the race started at 5:30 PM.  It was a 4 mile race called the Shamrock 4 Miler. It was held in Scottsdale.

Here we are just a few minutes before the race!

The Nesquik rabbit made a cameo.

Here are my running stats from the race (I use a Garmin):
Here's a map of the race (the thin red line). It was basically an out and back along a canal, which is fun because I like running along side water.

Christy running over the finish line.

Well, that's pretty much what's been happening lately. New video next week but I still have no idea what it'll be. More running to come!


  1. Just so everybody knows, I really did run that fast too.

    You forgot a sweet picture of your medal for taking your age group!!

  2. Of all the cool pictures here, what stands out the most, are the S'Mores Pancakes!

  3. Love all of this!!

    And I totally have at least a dozen of those accidental GoPro selfies!