Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Great Wall (of China) Half Marathon -- Arriving In China [part 1]

I was so excited to go back to China! I was also excited to run a race, especially since it took place on the Great Wall of China. Having my family come along and see the country of the people I love was exciting in itself. So having all of these take place together was a bit euphoric.

And then there was the touring part of the trip. I'll admit, before arriving in China I was already dreading the buses and tours we had planned ahead. I general don't like touring, but I had already been to all of the places our tour would be taking us.

A few pictures of me taken oven the past few years at some of the sites we visited during our trip.

I guess I didn't realize how much fun it would be to see my siblings and their reactions to things that my mind had already digested. Seeing China through their eyes, even if I was stuck on a tour bus, ended up being a total blast and I absolutely loved the hilarious commentary coming from them.

I knew people were going to stare at us. :)
Here we just arrived at our hotel and this was our very first elevator ride.
Chinese people LOVE it when we give attention to them and/or their children. They are quick to shove their babies in front of our cameras.

I was a bit concerned at the possibility of our hotel being less than par. I've stayed in some pretty dank hotels while in China, and this was my siblings' first time leaving the Western world, so I was relieved when our rooms ended up being really nice.

When exposed to Chinese culture my family was anything but an ugly American, instead they were highly interested and amused by everything surrounding us. They loved it and that made me really happy.

I'll save race day for the next post, but here is Christy getting a massage just after the race. I love her face.

We have 400+ gigabytes of footage and photos, so sifting through all of them has been taking forever.

My sisters are also bloggers, with Jolie also creating some videos of our experience in China, so my motivation to blog isn't all that great. So here are the links to my sister's blogs.

Christy's first blog post about China (1 of pending-amount)

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  1. I don't think my original comment went through so I shall re-comment.

    China was awesome! I'm excited for our viewing party. :D BYOM (we're like out).

    And contrary to your stats, in no longer in Hong Kong if you were wondering. Just getting my VPN money's worth (actually it automatically connects, I must cancel it...).