Monday, July 13, 2015

I Met My Favorite YouTuber! -- Ended Up in a Televised Singing Competition. wut?

Sooooooooo yeah. I happened to be in LA this weekend to be on a panel. A few days ago my favorite YouTuber Jason Chen mentioned there'd be a Meet & Greet on Saturday afternoon. I was so happy I'd finally get an opportunity to meet him!

Suddenly I found myself on a stage singing in front of some judges, one of them Jason, and after making it through two rounds I was set to sing again in a few weeks. My sister and I did not see this coming.

My sister was with me the entire weekend and she actually blogged about it. Her perspective of the day's events are hilarious.

We laugh because we went there straight from that morning's 10k, so I wasn't really dressed for the occasion.

Me and YouTuber Jason Chen.

Stay tuned!

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