Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's Been a While, But This is What I've Been Up To [top 10]

I've written several blog posts over the past few months but never published them. The titles of them are:
  • If I Posted to Social Media Everything in My Life -- It Might Be Like...
  • 10 Things I Do Not Regret Doing
  • Gay Mormons: The Problem
  • Just a Really Good Day
  • Gay Mormon Chinese Pop Star (my experience)
  • Where Have I Been?
Jimmy Hales, Jolie Hales Price, Tracy Cope

Should I give an update on my life? Ya know, I think I'll do that, but in gif form. I'll just cover the last three months. Here I go.

The 10 Things I've Been Doing These Past 3 Months

1. That time I was on a Chinese Idol TV Show

2. When I decided to take violin lessons

3. Pentatonix, Hozier, Andy, Brandon Flowers & Kelly Clarkson!!!

4. My nephew Bentley's birthday party

5. Playing the coin toss game to determine what rides we'd ride at Disneyland.

6. Playing the coin toss game to determine what rides we'd ride at Lagoon.

7. Roommate Bonding

8. Coworker Bonding

9. Soooo many airplanes (this one's kinda boring)

10. ETTV Top Idol Backstage Fun

I honestly can never predict where my focus will be 3 months from any moment. Life continues to be a crazy adventure, and I sure hope it doesn't slow down anytime soon.


  1. What an amazingly active life! Great job keeping up and enjoying it.