Sunday, February 19, 2017

Moving On and Into 2017

My life currently:

I've been playing with a new fitness device.

Ok, so this is cool. 

Fitbits are stupid. Ok, maybe that's harsh. If you're a runner they're fun, but if you hit the gym, a Fitbit will tell you you've only taken 1,000 steps and will completely overlook your 3 hour workout.

My fun Mio Slice device is a heartbeat monitor. It's so insightful and fun!

With a Mio you want to maintain a Pai score of 100. Your score is a rolling sum of the past 7 days.

Seven days of Pai points. My heartbeat was 59 when I captured this.
I exercise a lot so I've set a Pai score goal of 200. :)

After wearing the device it calculates your resting heart rate and your max heart rate. You're supposed to wear it when you sleep so it can track your sleeping. Though my max heart rate is higher than it says, but whatever.

Here's the data from four of my past few days. First of all, I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, so you can guess when that happens by looking at the interrupt in the sleep cycle(s).

The graph near the top of the columns shows an entire day. The spike shown each day is where my workout happens. You'll see other small spikes that occur when I go up stairs, walk for a long time, cleaning, dancing in my apartment, etc. etc.. The first column shows a day I went running and as you can see get's my heart going faster than days when I just workout at the gym.

I forgot to wear my Mio one night.

Below you see the above workout graphs after zooming in.

Anywho, this is what else I've been up to.

Kelly Clarkson's version of It's Quiet Uptown from Hamilton is incredible, and incredibly sad. I'm super stoked for her upcoming soul album. You should listen to it.

Visiting my sister, brother in law, and cute nephew Bentley is a favorite thing to do. Here we are getting some ice cream in my fun little Mini Cooper.

 I'm jumping on the 23andMe train and I'm super stoked. I can't wait to see what incites the service has to offer once my kit is finished being processed.

I don't run nearly as much as I used to, but since I have the Phoenix half marathon next week I've been running quite a bit. I'm excited for the race to be over so I can work on bulking my legs up. They pretty much look like runner's legs right now.

I love crab. Oh my goodness.

Finding new restaurants we've never been to in downtown Phoenix is a favorite thing to do. Here we are at SoSoBa eating ramen.

I love working out in the middle of downtown.

My work allows dogs, and it's the cutest thing. It seriously makes the work environment less robotic and rigid.

I took this one day after work. It was a good day.