Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Is Here!

Well, it's Monday night and I'm chillin' in my apartment with Kurt, Preston, and Dalton.  We're watching a movie on my new TV I just purchased.  It's freakin sweet.  Finals ended last Thursday which was great.  I just got done choosing my classes for this Spring semester and realized that I only have classes on Mon, Wed, and Fri.  School starts tomorrow and since its Tuesday, I don't have to go!  Awesome.

Last night Preston and Dalton had some family gathering in Kaysville to celebrate their grandparent's 50 year anniversary or something, Kurt was in Kaysville for Easter, and I was in Layton for Easter, so last night we slept at my Dad's house and this morning we woke up at 5:40 to go hiking up Adam's Canyon.

Here is one of the first two waterfalls.  It's very small as you can see.
It got really slick at times, it was a little dangerous.
This is the first time I've hiked Adam's Canyon with snow.  It made some parts of the hike a bit more interesting.

Preston decided to hike up this part.  We all watched as he slowly made his way back down with great caution.

I thought it would be fun to get a picture sitting on this log.  After I slowly slithered my way to the middle, Kurt began making his way, but the branch he was grabbing onto snapped and he fell down to where you see him standing in this picture.  Luckily the fall had a good landing.

Here we are at the highest waterfall, known as the "Third Waterfall".  The previous two waterfalls are really small and honestly I wouldn't consider them to be waterfalls.

You can see the neighborhood in the background that I lived in before we moved into the mansion house in Summarhaze.

I like the sky in this pic.


  1. LOL mansion house.

    I can't believe you were up and at it when I was, but purely for leisure!! Crazies. But the hike looks fun. I want to take Ben. Did you bring your tripod??

  2. No, I didn't bring a tripod, hence no pictures above have all four of us in it :\ I think Ben would have fun up there, you guys should go :)

  3. Oh. I guess I didn't realize there were four of you. But cool pics. I like that hike cuz it's not too hard for my fat ace. :)