Sunday, May 1, 2011

Expensive Month

I have always loved media.  I would say I love music especially, but I also love visuals.  I used to spend hours and hours everyday back in high school editing videos and playing with various visual effects.  I also spent hours and hours playing instruments, singing, jamming to music and what not, you know, the whole high school thing.

I'm half way through college and seem to love the stuff just as much now.  Here is my current playlist.

Perhaps it looks a little fruity.  Meh.  I have my phases.
So I just bought a new TV.  It was a bit of an investment, but yeah.  its a 47" Vizio.  I love it, so do my roommates.

Yesterday while hangin out with whomever I was hanging out with, my old CD player decided to die.  Blah.  I used that thing for 12 years. There is no way I wasn't going to have some decent speakers, so off to Best Buy I went!  I went to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and RC Willey.  I've decided that I'll never EVER buy anything expensive at Wal-Mart because they generally have one or two cheap models of something.  RC Willey is ridiculously expensive.  I found the exact same stuff at Best Buy that I saw at RC Willey for a much cheaper price.  Anyways, after I spent a bunch of time driving around Orem, I bought a nice Sony component system.

The Ipod dock will excite my roommates.  I haven't told two of them yet because they always give me crap for buying expensive stuff like the TV.  I have it hooked up to everything in the front room, so it's used to movies, video games, and for just playing good ole' music.
Our front room is pretty kickin now.  We feel that if we were to invite people over we could properly entertain them, that is if we want to watch a movie or play some fun multiplayer video game.  I have my Playstation 3 and Kurt brought his Wii down.  The N64 still gets used.  Often I'll be occupying the big TV with Netflix, a video game, or I'll have my computer hooked up to it doing something while Kurt is on the other TV playing Zelda.
It's Spring semester, so we have a lot more time than we did during the Winter, so we find ourselves here a lot.  But don't worry, we still play tennis, go on dates, play board games that don't require electricity, oh yeah, and we study.


  1. So I love to run to "Cry" by Kelly Clarkson, and "My Life Would Suck Without You."

    Your music isn't on the typical guy's list, however, your music also consists of real musicians that can actually sing as opposed to most of the world's "singers." I should send you some songs of mine that I think you'd like.

    And nice tv. Freak it's big.

  2. So you don't have Facebook so I have to comment here. I want to know your camera settings for the pictures taken of all us and mom by the piano at Snowbasin.

  3. Right click on it and to to Properties. Then click on details and it should all be there.

  4. Oh right. I remember now. Thanks.