Sunday, July 3, 2011

Program by Day, Hot Tub by Night - Summer is Definitely Here

Well, where to begin?  Well, I guess I really write this blog for my mom, dad, and sister Christy.  I have a very few select friends that take an occasional gander at my posts (Scott).

It was Zach's birthday, so we went to Taconos, a Brazilian restaurant.  Zach served his Mission in Brazil.  It was my first time there and I really liked it, though it isn't cheap so I probably won't be going back for a while.
Zach, Ryan, Preston, Kei, Me 
The guys love Kei, especially Zach I'd say.  Zach is smart, and also has put forth some effort to learn basic ASL, so we love having Kei around all the more.
As I mentioned, everyone loves Kei.  Since we have the same major and this is the third semester in a row that we've been in the same Computer Science classes we tend to hang out a lot.  I do not my any means claim to "know" ASL, but it's getting conversational.

Kei & Preston

Here is an excerpt from an email I just sent Shane who is on a mission:
So the pic of Kurt's bed has a story about it. We watched The Ring for FHE (great FHE activity, I know). After the movie Kurt went to make his nightly visit to some girl while Yejezkel and I started to bed. Our minds were playing tricks on us and we were scaring ourselves. It was fun :) Anyways, we giddily got the idea to make it look like there was something in Kurt's bed so that when he got back he would freak out. Yejezkel and I went to our beds anticipating on hearing a scream soon after Kurt got back. Kurt came back, saw his bed, poked it, and then proceeded to remove the contents under the covers and thereafter went to bed.
This is what Kurt's bed looked like when Yejezkel and I were done stuffing it with random crap in Kurt's room.
 So yesterday was The Stadium of Fire.  I don't expect you to know what that is.  Here in Provo at the BYU football stadium they have a annual Independence Day celebrations with celebrities and fireworks.  Last year Carey Underwood and someone else came.  This year David Archuletta and Brad Praisley came.  I could hear them both since I literally live across the street for the stadium.  Kei and I were programming all day.  But took a break and went downtown and played with the booths and stuff.  I almost bought a thing that melts good smelling stuff to make the air smell good, but it wasn't a need, and I'm a college student.  Kurt and my friend Cody just finished his mission four days earlier and came down to chill for a bit.
Me, Kurt, Cody, Kei  --  I bought a water bottle here for only 5 cents

  Later we grabbed some food and at night met up with a girl Heather and her friends.  Heather just moved into the ward and is in my FHE group.  Last Monday we both discovered that the other knew ASL, and so ealier in the week I introduced her to Kei.  Heather is actually a Sign Language major at UVU.  When Kei and I arrived where Heather and her friends were, we discovered that five of the girls there knew ASL.  It was pretty sweet!  We sat and signed and watch the fireworks.
Heather is sitting next to me
After the fireworks we went swimming and hot tubbing.
I'm too skinny

Today in Sunday School I took a short video of us singing the opening hymn.  I think it's pretty funny actually.
...I think we might be missing the point to singing a hymn.


  1. 1. A thing that melts good smelling stuff to make the air smell good. LOL

    2. Brad R...PAisley. I do indeed have much music by him. He is quite clever.

    3. When does Shane come home?

    4. That's awesome all those girls know sign language!! Kei is lucky to have friends like you all. I wish to meet him. I suppose living in Arizona only makes it a little harder to do so.

    5. Happy 4th! Did you go to the Layton parade?

  2. Nice swimsuit James. Very appropriate. ;D

  3. hey stranger! i was about to leave a comment on christy's blog and i saw your face on there! :) just thought i'd say hi since it's been so long and i only got to yell at you from the sidelines of the parade on the 4th! haha looks like you're having a blast!