Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy Busy Summer, Can't Complain :)

I haven't blogged for a while, but I have a good reason.  I have had NO time.  But I'm still just hangin out in Provo going to school at BYU.

Back on July fourth I went to a demolition derby with my Mom and grandparents.  It was so long ago that I don't have much to say about it anymore.

Harry Potter is done, over, I can't believe it!  I remember first hearing about it when I was 11 years old, I was in sixth grade.  All through out  my teenage years there has always been some Harry Potter something or other to be looking forward to.  I only read the first four books for school and then after that I thought I'd just wait for the movies to come out.  I can say that I got through 12 years without ever finding out the ending!!  Seriously, I went to the last movie unsure of what was going to happen.  Whenever people started talking about it I would walk away.  Anyways, I went to the midnight showing with a group of friends.
for my costume I just wore my snuggy.  I thought I looked kinda wizardish.

I'm still an FHE dad.

My buddy Zach asked to double with me.  Last minute he bailed and I was like, "Um, no."  So he found another date and we made shirts.
This is Zach

We put this picture on our shirts

So my friend Ya Ya went into the MTC three days ago.  She flew in from Hong Kong  and the next day she went in.  Before that we went to dinner with a bunch of friends.

Here we are a year ago at the lake.  Ya Ya is the girl on the blue jet ski.
If I were on a game show and they asked, "Who is your favorite person that you've met while down at BYU?"  I would reply, "Ya Ya".  She is the happiest, funnest, kindest, sweetest person I know.  EVERYONE loves her and being around her will make anyone's day improve.  She is going to be an amazing missionary.  I am going to miss her so much.
Ya Ya is the one wearing missionary clothes.  We went to Denny's.  

Visiting me now if Jeff Ye.  He served in the same mission as me.  In the below picture he is the guy next to me, Ya Ya is on the other side of me.

I thought to include some pictures of Jeff and I while we were in the mission field.  Ever since I met Jeff I've loved him.  He is hilarious with a funny witty personality, which I find is kinda rare to come by when it comes to people from mainland China.

Jonny Liu, Me, Jeff Ye, Kendall Duclos

This was Sunday School in one of our areas.  I'm not sure why we took this pictures, perhaps one of us was getting transferred or something.
Jeff stayed with me for a few days this past week.  He'll be in Utah for a few weeks so I'll get to hang with him some.  My roommate Kurt was gone for the weekend so Kurt's room became Jeff's room.
My sister Jolie is visiting Salt Lake for work.  She is traveling the western states and is on TV and the radio helping Disney advertise for stuff and whatever.  I ate dinner with her the other day with my Mom and brother Dallin and had dinner with her tonight with my Dad, Dallin, and a girl my Dad's been dating Laura.

At the Melting Pot :)
I didn't include the main reason why I took so long between this post and the last.  In the Computer Science program at BYU there is a certain class, CS 240, that contains a project called "The Web Crawler".  Basically you can't really give a person a written exam to test their ability to program, so they have this program act as the entry exam to the Computer Science program.  It is a very time consuming project that has potential to contain many bugs if the programmer doesn't use caution.  Many students fail and have to retake the class.  Well, to sum up the long two weeks of time where I did nothing but program day and night, I passed it off six days ago.  Hooray!  Anyways, I still have another program I'm working on now, so I'm still busy, but this program only counts towards my grade, so yeah.

It's late and I have something tomorrow morning, so I'm going to post this with out proof reading it.

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  1. Yaya is going on a mission. That is awesome! She was so cute when I met her!

    I like your panorama shot. I should try one of those sometime.

    I'm sad we are now the outcasts at family dinners. Ha. Looks like fun times. =)