Monday, October 24, 2011

Hong 10

Ok, so this post is really just an excuse I have to put on my headphones and listen to Kelly Clarkson's new album that came out today.  So far, it's pretty freakin good.

Ok, so now a bit about Hong 10.  He is Korean.

Why do I love Hong 10?

Hong 10 is a BBoy.

What is a BBoy?

"He is a BBoy", or "I saw Hong 10  B-Boying."  In other words, it's short for breakdancing.   There are things I love that I am passionate about, and BBoying is one of them.  

But now I'm a retired gymnast.  Or rather, I'm a crippled gymnast since my crash of 09'.

And as a result, breakdancing is also a thing of the past, but I can still watch it.  

Everyone who watches even just 15 seconds of breakdancing absolutely loves it, so I wonder why it's not more popular.  It isn't rap, or punk even, but rather BBoy is all about peace and love.  

So I thought I share a BRIEF description of it all.

This is one of my favorite crews.  They are called "Gamblerz Crew".  The cool thing about this picture is they were all dancing, and then for a split second they all froze, and that's when this picture was taken.
Skip two minutes into the below video.  What you'll see is a "crew".  Basically when you're a legit BBoy, you join a crew.  They perform together and battle other crews and such.

Now back to Hong 10.  Aside from crew battles, there are individual battles as well.  Here is a video of Hong 10 duking it out.

Hong 10 is way flexible, perhaps that's why I like him so much.  Back in high school I used to threaten people, "beware or else I'll bend my body in half and wrap it around you twice."

Hong 10 showing us how it's done

Spinning on his head.

Hong 10 is also in a crew now.  They are called "The Drifterz".  They're freakin sick, though new.  They have a lot to live up to with Hong 10 in the crew.  We'll see how they do.
Drifterz Crew

Drifterz.  Notice Hong 10 on top, second from left.

South Korea is the country to beat at the international "Battle of the Year".  Each country can send one team to compete, and South Korea is often the defending champion.  Other countries who have a good name are Japan, France, and Russia.  The U.S. team hasn't been good for a while, but hopefully that'll change this next year.

Well, I'm going to start studying again.  I really like Kelly Clarkson's new album.


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  1. We watched a break dancer win the "30 seconds to fame" show this weekend. He spun on his head forever. It was awesome.

    You should hook me up with that new album. I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. Yes you should.