Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Computerless, but with high ambitions... I'm on post-surgery meds :S

Ok, so my blog pretty much hasn't seen ANY action lately.  I have so many ideas for good blog entries,  BUT I've run into a little bit of a problem lately.

So about a month ago my computer died.  Yeah, it sucks.  So I bought a new one.  It was a pretty sleek and quick Samsung thing, but literally one week after I bought it, it died.  I swapped it for a new one of that same model, but it had issues, so I returned it.  Now this was all happening a week before finals, you know, the week when all of the huge projects are do.  I had two group programming projects, so I was a little more stressed than I should have been.  I had no time at that point to worry about getting a new computer, so I just toughed it out till finals ended.

I do have this little netbook that I am using to type this which has saved my face!  It's super slow, but it works and I love it for that.  I also have an old desktop that works, but it's old and usage is limited.  Why am I complaining?  I'm not, but there are some things I can't do with just a machine that merely works.

First of all, I write this entree knowing that one day I will print my blog into a book and some 40 years later someone will read it, because this much text surely can't be interesting to anyone in this day, except for maybe my mom, she might enjoy reading this.

Anyways, I need access to my pictures and of course Photoshop.  I've been without that stuff for so long I'm going crazy!  Also, one of my lifelong best friends, Scott Erickson, and I have begun working with each other on a project.  We are making a game for the Android market.  Be excited.  More on this later.  I need a computer for this.

Also, I've had a knack for a long time and lately it's become stronger than ever to start making a video blog. I've talked to some friends about it and even have a composer, so now I just need to sit down, do some planning, and set aside certain hours of the week for shooting and editing and so forth.  I need a computer in order to edit.

I had knee surgery two days ago and I'm all drugged up.  It's 1:57am right now and I'm watch the Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King right now at my dad's house.  I am so content right now I love everything.

Below is a Christmas card I made of my roommates and me.  When it comes to photography/videography I'm all or nothin.  The shoot was fun, but annoying at the same time because I kept yelling, "hold still!"  The lighting was very low so I kept the lens open longer to better expose the shot.  I don't like cranking up the iso because pictures get grainy that way.  Anyways, the majority of the pictures were blurry because people are stupid and didn't listen to me.  Wow, these drugs I'm on make me really kind.  I think the card ended up all right.  It was after this photo shoot did I decided to never make a movie starring my roommates.  Don't get me wrong, they are great and I love them, but yeah.

Ryan Miller, Kurt Christiansen, Dalton Purnell, Preston Purnell, Me, Zach Romney

Oh yeah, surgery pictures.
I just had my knee scoped.  I am blessed with amazing health, I really am.  I do have a few weird things to deal with like loose joints, and weird knees.  But I'm blessed with the people and the means to fix these minor deficiencies and allow my life to be that much fuller.  Even if I weren't able to fix these things I still have no room to complain.  I will always be grateful for my good health.

Beseech to tell the horrible tail,
refute at the sound of comic relief,
like horses you prance, resorting to bail
the beautiful niche, your beautiful grief

Spun down and clouded, over shorn,
light fear I feel, my conciseness torn,
Though soon it halts, its end is near
a trail like tar, my mind to shear

deceptive treatment it goes about
to fools that beckon and welcome in
to sell away and shout shout shout
that silent purr will thrash about

It leaves the tomb so empty and bare
it's greedy tight hands unwilling to share
now at war, between this great schism,
this evil, this deep dark hedonism

Wow, that just came out of me.  I wrote it with the drugs I'm taking in mind.  They help pass the time away, but at the end of the day I feel like I was being kept up inside somewhere, comfortable yes, but while there just outside I imagined were many friends of mine, having fun, riding all the rides, being ambitious and getting things done.  Me, just being content doing nothing.  So damaging.  Tomorrow will be my last day on them.

This is a super long movie.  I just put the second disk in.  It's 3:05am now :)

So a week ago I went online and bought a new computer, NP700Z5A-S03US, I'm way excited for it to come.  Today they emailed me and told me it's on back order.  Why didn't they tell me this a week ago?   I'm not very happy.  Blogging, video blog, programming, and audio recording are all on hold because of not having a computer, and now this.  Now I'm complaining.  I should be sleeping.  I'm going to keep watching the rest of this movie now.  Peace.

Revin Lindsey, son of Buddy and Rachel Lindsey

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  1. hahahaha you crack me up. Glad you're doing well at least. See you soooon.