Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Am Blessed Beyond What I Deserve. The World Is Against Me.

Hey hey hey howdy howdy howdy.  I am comfortably sitting next to a burning fire, sitting on a chair with my new lap-desk on my lap with my little net-book on top of that.  I'm am in a wonderful state of relaxation.

I apologize for the amount of text in this entry.

I am a computer science major, so I'm always programming on my computer for school.  18 months ago I bought a computer because my previous one had issues.  I transferred all of my stuff to it in the middle of the semester, which takes tons of time.  After a few days, keys on the keyboard started falling off.  I was miffed.  I exchanged it for another, again spending a ton of time putting all my stuff on the new one.  A day later the screen goes berserk.  Wow.  I then swapped it again and finally all was well.

A little over a month ago my computer died.  I went to the store and bought a new one.  It was sleek, fast, and just beautiful, though occasional it acted a little strange.  A week later it got fried.  Um, OK.  I took it back and exchanged it.  I took the new one home and immediately noticed wacko things wrong with it.  Oh, and this is the week before finals, you know, the time when all of your group projects are due.  Angry as, I slammed it shut and stormed out of my apartment and back to Best Buy I went.  I swapped again, but before I left the store I opened the new one and made sure it worked.  It was buggy, so I just returned it.  The workers were really nice and understanding.

A week went by and I was looking for a model of a computer made by Samsung that I wanted to buy.  Literally no store in Utah or any store online had them in stock.  I searched thoroughly for a whole week.  Finals week was here and freakin crap.  On the Wednesday of finals week I got a call from the hospital saying I needed to have surgery that Friday, the last day of finals.  Wow, so now I had to finish finals a day earlier than expected, but it ended up working out and I had surgery that Friday.

While on some narcotics after surgery, I grabbed my handy dandy net-book (which has saved my life several times is an  academic sense) and went computer shopping.  As the thoughts of making a video blog went through my head, the more I looked for a killer machine.  I found one and bought it.  It wasn't cheap.  Santa butted it and proclaimed it a gift.

Stoked as, I waited and waited for it to come.  The day I suspected it to come I literally sat at my Dad's house and waited for it to come by staring at the screen which showed the camera at the front door.  It came at like 5:30pm or something.  Hooray!!!  I opened it and was so happy!  It was kinda very big, but that's OK, I just won't be hauling to school everyday like my old one.

Within ten minutes of playing with it, it froze five times and core dumped once.  Spectacular.  I silently closed it up and walked away.  I was far too angry to discuss it with anyone.  I did mention it to my brother-in-law Ben because he's chill and in no way dramatic, so I knew telling him wouldn't set off any fire within.  It was at this point in time I realized things just got a lot harder.  I'm going to have to get these two projects off the ground during the semester which isn't going to be easy.  I soon after went to dinner with my Sister and her husband Ben along with my brother and my cousin and her husband.  That helped me get my mind off of it.

During the semester I am very busy, so I was looking forward to this break when I can get a head start on my video blog AND start making an app with my friend Scott.  Two major project I'm trying to get off the ground, and I have two weeks here to do it!  School starts in less than a week now and I still don't have a computer.  I suspect I will be forever bitter about this situation.  I have all this equipment and stuff but I can't do anything with it because I don't have a computer to edit with or to code with.  I won't let this change anything.  I am going to sit down and set some pretty good goals and I plan on getting less sleep so I can make sure things get done.  I am going to make a video blog because I love to do that kind of thing, nothing more.

Below are some of my toys, some new, the others not, that I can't really do anything with until I get a computer.
Since my camera is in this shot I took this with my Panasonic FZ-30 that I bought in high school.
I also bought a pop filter for my recording mic, but it's in the mail.

I'm kind of a one man show at the moment, but that is changing.  I have a friend, Ryan King, who is rather Pro Tools savvy who is up to making a video blog with me.  Whether or not he knows much about shooting movies and editing, I know he could learn it if he's recording and using Pro Tools.  I'm glad he's on board.  I'm still in the recruiting stage.  I have to not only find people that are naturally likable, but people who actually WANT to do make a video blog, and they need to be able to contribute in one way or another.  My friend Ryan fits all of those rather well.  I'd love to get a (cute) girl on board.

That's all.


  1. I LOVE your blog James and hopefully you'll FINALLY get your computer you rightly deserve! I'm excited for your video blog. Hang in there! XO

    P.S. - I'm very excited for my video camera - woohoo!!!

  2. Lol a "cute" girl.

    Good luck with the comp. Hopefully you used all the bad luck up by now.