Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Opposition In ALL Things

So lately I've been praying to become more patient.  Today I felt it paid off a little. I went to Blimpie for lunch. It is located inside of my favorite gas station in Provo. I go there all the time and can tell you that the store manager is a genuine kind man. In the drive thru today I ordered my sandwich from the man and then he delegated the sandwich making to someone else. That 'someone else' then forgot about me. I sat at the window for 15 minutes. I normally would have left, but I remembered my prayers and felt I should stay. Sure sitting there wasn't fun and normally I would have scoffed within my head at the poor service, but I'm human and fall short all the time in all aspects of life, and this was just a sandwich. The manager eventually came by the window and noticed I was still there. I tried to remain friendly, but could have one a better job. He quickly got my sandwich ready and apologized for the wait. He apologized again and offered to give me a free drink to make up for the time. At this point had I have scoffed these folk for this minor mistake I would be feeling regret because of this man's attempt to compensate. I cheerfully agreed to have a Mt. Dew. He gave me a large one. I didn't want it, but I acted like I did so that he could feel good about giving to me. I then pulled forward and while nobody was watching proceeded to throw it into a nearby garbage can LOL!

I am currently watching the new show "Duets" as I type this. I watch it because my all time favorite sing Kelly Clarkson is on it. It blows my mind how amazing she is. Wow, she is singing a opening number now and I'm blown Anyways...

I like changing my perspective, literally.  So I decided to read the Book of Mormon while sitting on the floor in my bedroom.  While peacefully reading a big ugly brown spider decided to join me.  After I vacuumed it up I couldn't read with out thinking, "If there is one then there are more."  That, Christy and Mom, was today's opposition :)

The location where I was sitting when I saw the spider.

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  1. Lol! Ya, I would never sit on the floor in my old house lest I have a creepy scorpion join me. (But we haven't seen any here so come visit!!)

    Good for you for being patient. I admire patient people and need to try to be more myself.

    Kind of unrelated, I hear there is a new a.m. drink that is called something like, "Do/Dew A.M." or something, and it's OJ mixed with Mtn Dew. It's offered at like McDonalds or Taco Bell or something I forgot. I just read about it on a runner's blog (a runner from Provo actually).