Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bad English Signs In China

It's Sunday.  I appreciate Sunday's more now than ever before.  I had a few offers to go out and play, but I said no in order to allow myself some time to upload my latest video, write this blog post, and watch the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour.

In China, on Sundays I rest from the world.  Back at BYU, on Sundays the world rests with me.

On certain mornings the subways give out free newspapers, therefor everybody reads them.

Audition 3 of 4 for The Voice (China)

Hua Song and Delia, the cute Chinese family I live with.  They are so great, it's ridiculous.  How on earth did I end up in the most ideal of living conditions?

Several aspects of my experience this time in China differ greatly from my last visit to China.  I see children wearing diapers, as where before the kids would just do their thing anywhere, and it was gross.  I will actually see toilet paper in some public restrooms.  The English that I see on signs is actually a lot better this time.  However, I am still able to find some bad English occasionally, so here are a few.

Work is great.  You never know what weird thing you'll end up doing any morning you walk into the office.  

Danica, me, and Sisi riding on Kayaks in China!  This place is called 牛仔俱乐部。


I love being in China so much.  I feel like I fit right in.  The fast paced lifestyle, the high number of people, the opportunities around every corner, and now an internship that allows me give back.  I need to graduate and get out of that place.  Having said that, I know that I was supposed to be there.  BYU was the only university that would hold my transcript for 2.5 years after high school graduation, so I had no choice, but am truly grateful for the experience I've had there and for the stellar education I have received.  It's almost time to move on though, and I'm getting anxious.

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  1. HAHAHAHA - "Wang Steak" and "The Special People"! I love that country! So glad you're happy!!

  2. Great pictures and post. Miss you lots but I'm heaps happy that you're out there doing what you love and really feeling it!

  3. Look like you are happy and having a great experience! I proud of you and everything you are accomplishing. Love you!