Sunday, June 8, 2014

Free Time

I'm taking one class this term. My last class of my undergrad career. Music 202. Beethoven was the man.

My class is held but twice a week and I have little to no homework. Thus I have a lot of free time. What do I do with that free time? I shall tell you.

    I've been writing, transcribing, arranging, covering, recording, mixing, and mastering.

    I'm trying to get better at arranging music, so what better than a super short primary song to arrange? While I'm not a fan a belting out names of deity, this clip shows kind of my style when arranging strictly four voices.

    Now here's a short song some friends and I made on the spot. We were just goofing around and having fun. Each of us only did one take in front of the mic, hence its random lyrics, harmonies, and rhythms.
    Now here is the song I released this past week on my YouTube channel. It's a song I've loved since high school. I wrote a brief blog about it here.

    I've been hanging out with my awesome mom!

    I've been going to Seven Peaks water park a bit.

    Google Plus has been making these videos automatically when my phone automatically uploads its pictures and videos. They're kind of fun.

    And then I went to an art museum with my friend. It was edifying.

This statue was scalding hot.
    I've been trying to make DDR cool again.
      I've been putting forth effort to get more involved in my ward. It's been a lot of fun and very rewarding. Here I am with my Elders Quorum President, who is also my home teaching companion. I also home teach one of the girls. 

I love this picture. What's on the screen and our facial expressions say it all hahaha!!!

    Here is another video Google Plus made for me.

    I've been making a Mormon themed game for Android with my best buddy Nozomi.

    We got trapped in an elevator.
    We made a camp fire in Provo Canyon.
    After we took the bottom picture you see here, a raccoon came and took the entire bag of hot dog buns we had on our table. My phone/camera was still propped up on the table at the time, but I really wanted to video the little dude! I slowly crept towards the table/raccoon to get my phone, but it quickly grabbed what it wanted and ran away. It would have been a hilarious video.

Tyrells face is black for some reason hehe.
    I escorted my friend Tyrell as he purchased a new car.

That's pretty much all that's been going on. Things are pretty dang chill at the moment. I'm trying to make the best of these last moments here in Utah and I'm definitely going to be missing a lot of people, but I'm extremely excited for what's to come. :)


  1. Where is that DDR machine? The Nickelcade? Or... somewhere else?!!

  2. I've been a little GIF obsessed lately, myself, thanks to Google+ doing the work for me. Google+ rocks.

    1. I know, I'm loving the Google+ stuff it's doing.

  3. Hey Jimmy, I saw your coming out video thru a link from The Sistas in Zion. I left you a comment. I've been watching your videos and reading your blog for 3 hours. And I'm not even a stalker! But I've just felt very touched by pretty much everything you've said and sung. For years now I have been reading and studying about SSA and trying too know why I feel so compelled to do so. I am not attracted to women and I do not have close family members or friends (in the church--tho many gay friends out of the church). I feel like the Lord is preparing me for something or wants me to help with the furthering of acceptance and understanding but I don't know what to do. If any thoughts come to you, is love to hear them. But maybe you'll just think I'm creepy. I probably would if I were you. 😁