Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Will I? (song/video) -- Another Song That's Helped Me Through

I remember the first time I heard this song. One day during my high school years I was sitting on a couch at my mom's house watching a movie that featured this song. My buddy Colten was on the couch next to me. After the song finished I said out loud, "That was amazing." To which Colten responded, "Yeah it was."

I've loved the song ever since.

As I was living in my confused state of not being consciously gay, love songs never spoke to me. Instead, only music that held particularly beautiful harmonies, obscure dissonance, or a special personal meaning to me made it onto my playlist. This song was one of them.

Even though I'm now in a very good place, I still hold strong to the music that helped me through the years. The music I've been writing, recording, and covering still has a bit of a downcast feel to it despite me having moved on from those rougher times. I've discovered that expressing to you such deep parts of my life through the songs that gave me strength has had a liberating effect of me. Each song is a journal entry and I need to write them down, or rather, sing them for you.


  1. I like you. But dude that was really awful. Your voice is so much better than that song. And your lip syncing was also awful. You're better than that crap.

  2. Jimmy, I just want to say, your songs are beautiful. They always manage to touch me. You have a fantastic voice and a wonderful heart. Thanks for sharing your talents and your heart with all of us.