Saturday, September 15, 2012

I've Been Patient Knowing Change Will Happen

Soo yeah.  I have so much to catch up on it kind of stresses me out.  Though I'll save that stuff for others posts.

Me beginning a 5K in Irvine California over the Summer with my sister Jolie.  

Where am I now?  I'm at School, only I'm doing what I love along with it.  Last December I felt like I should start a video blog.  Um OK, so I did.  I had no desire to get famous or anything, it just felt right AND I love making movies and music.  So I started off.  I had great support from those around and it's because of them, I'm convinced, that I went forward with everything.

So my channel was eventually up.  Woohoo.  I had like 10 views.  Meh, I didn't care, I just kept on making em'.

To make a long story short, because of my video blog I have had four job offers, all of which I have taken.  I currently have three of those jobs and potentially one more on the way.  They are:

  • Research Assistant writing plug-ins for stereoscopic images/videos.
  • Research Assistant on creating a new technology to project interpreters for the deaf onto a glasses type of device for the purpose of allowing deaf students to look where they please rather than at an interpreter during a lecture.
  • Public Relations & Advertising for BYU's International Study Programs.  I make music and movies for them which then are pushed out to the public by several people.  I basically get paid to make music videos and get a large audience automatically.
A previous/current job was over the Summer with Creative Media Group based in Orem.  I really liked it and wish I had more time to get more involved with them, but I'm a student.  It's a commission based job so technically I still work for them.

I may or may not become the web developer for the BYU Internation Study Programs as well, but as a result of giving them my answer a little late when asked if I wanted the job I may have been replaced.  I already have three jobs as a full time student, why not make it four?

So, all of the above listed jobs, expect for the web developer job, are a result of my video blog.  I can really see myself going somewhere with the stereoscopic stuff.  I see it as a doorway into Adobe.  I have discovered that I can't let this creative side of me go to waste.  Not because I'm good or anything, but simply because I'd go crazy with out taking part in it.

I find it interesting.  My bro has started writing and recording music.  My sister Christy has been writing music for a while and SHOULD be posting them on SoundCloud.  My other sister Jolie is beginning to make movies again and they'll be up on her new YouTube channel come January.  So my family is officially publishing tons of media to the web which I find pretty cool.

I feel more like myself again.  I am creating.  I need more time in order to tackle the following in no particluar order (except for the first one):

  • Stay faithful.
  • Make friends and brighten people's day like my mom does.
  • Making Android apps.
  • Mastering the art of audio recording and mixing.  Producing.
  • Make more movies.
  • Becoming a stellar programmer.
  • Stay active.
  • Dance more.
  • Write more music.
  • Have a social life.
  • Learn more ASL so I can actually communicate with all deaf people.
  • Keep improving Chinese by watching more Chinese TV (I dislike watching TV except for American Idol)
  • Memorize scriptures.
  • Leave Utah ASAP
Well, my time is limited, but I shall be here more.  I need to go to a dance concert now.  I'm taking a dance class, Dance 260, and one assignment is to go to a dance concert.  I might be late.  Oops.

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  1. Very cool. I think it's great that your creativity is opening doors. Best of luck.