Saturday, September 29, 2012

Selnate Chinese Youth Camp

Friday night and I have absolutely nothing to do.  My former roommate texted me asking if I had already eaten.  I already had, but I can ALWAYS go for a molten chocolate cake. So we met up at Chili's and now I have officially done something on this Friday night.

Well, I'm back and I'm going to watch X Factor and blog I guess.

I'm making an Android app atm.  Stay tuned.

So this summer I landed the most ultimate job I could have asked for.  Think EFY, with Chinese youth, 2.5 weeks long, off campus at various fun places, but with no religion.  That was my job.

I yelled at them through a mic for 20 minutes trying to get them in this complex formation for a photo.

Here my buddy Jordan and I are with a fraction of the youth on our way to somewhere fun.
One of the two days I spent with them at 7 Peaks water park.
The students came from Sichuan Chengdu China and stayed with host families here in Provo/Orem area.  They were able to experience a American family atmosphere and did things they never have opportunity to do in China.

Here are some of my favs that I bonded with more than the others.  Here we are at the Utah state capitol.
A day at Trafalga
Shopping in Park City
We even took them to Temple Square, but because they're from China from a school which are all government institutions we couldn't proselyte or give them anything.
Kennecott Copper Mine.  Here I am with two of the Chinese teachers that came from China with the youth.  They also had home-stays.
A few more of my favs.
Here we are at some outdoors High Adventure type of place.  

Here Jordan and I are performing the song that we wrote at the farewell concert.

I love Chinese people.  It's weird.  I've always loved working with youth as well.  So working with Chinese youth was an incredible experience.  Of course they all loved me like crazy which always helps, but even before that I still love them.  I'm really glad I got the job.

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