Monday, September 17, 2012

The Beatles!

For years the sub-status of my gmail chat was "I don't like the Beatles".  Now I had nothing against them, well maybe a little, I just had nothing for them.  As I grew up I had several friends that absolutely LOVED certain older groups and EVERY time this was the case those friends' parents were huge fans of that band.  I remember some huge Eagles fans, Beatles fans, Rolling Stones fans, etc..  Well, that bothered me.

If you're going to like something, like it because you like it.  Now my friends claimed that they really did "like" those bands.  Well, chances are if they really did like that ONE band that their parents introduced to them then they'll probably love a lot of other music too and therefor need to broaden the scope of music listening.

So for almost 25 years I avoided The Beatles thinking that they were just like any ordinary band and simply were the first of their kind and therefor very popular and now the next generation is getting brainwashed by their fanatic parents.  I was half wrong.

I feel a lot of people are Beatles fans only because their parents are.  Those people suck.

As I'm getting older I am naturally taking an interest is my people's history.  Where do I begin my search for such knowledge?  Awe yes, Beatles Anthology, the 8 DVD/VHS documentary about the band.

After watching that I am without question a huge Beatles fan.  They were great musicians, genius even.  And the fact the both John Lennon AND Paul McCartney were in the same band blows my mind.  They were like two Michael Jordans on the same team.  They knew music, theory even, but they didn't let that blind them.  They broke the rules of music and allowed their genius creativity lead the way.

Their pitch was perfect.  In those days they'd record a song in one take with out any pitch correcting anything and they are always right on pitch.

My favorite band Radwimps
So do I go out and buy their 12 albums?  No.  My favorite albums of all times are ones that I knew were coming out that I waited for.  Once those albums came out I would then rush to Wal-Mart and buy them and treasure every song on them.  I've decided to do the same with the Beatles albums.  Otherwise it'll be like what I did with Radwimps, my favorite band.  They're from Japan and when I discovered them I got every album all at once.  Information overload.  I have since taken the time to dedicate certain lengthy periods of my life to each of their albums and now I feel like I know them pretty well.

Starting this month, September 2012, I will buy one album a month for one year.  I'm so excited!!!  It's Beatles year!!!

Their first album, "Please Please Me" is great.  I listen to it almost everyday on repeat and it doesn't get old.  What the...?  I can't even do that with Clay Aiken.  Ok, Clay Aiken's songs aren't that great, but he has a killer voice and therefor I listen to him.  But this first album of The Beatles doesn't even have any of their biggest hits on it, yet it's still good.

The Beatles First Album "Please Please Me"
Paul McCartney was an incredible singer too.  And personally I think the songs he writes are better than the songs John Lennon wrote, but I'm still a Lennon fan don't get me wrong.

Now for you Beatles fans, can you imagine going back and rediscovering the Beatles in one years time?  This is an exciting time for me!  It could only be better if I lived in the 60s when the albums actually came out.  But it's 2012, so this is the best I can do.

It's Beatles Year!


  1. This is very random.

    I have not listened to Beatles at all! You should send me your fav songs and I'll give them a shot. I couldn't stand Justin Bieber until I watched his documentary and realized he is a talented little squirt. I listen to talent.

    1. You should remove that word verification. It took me four tries to comment. I dot like those.

  2. I knew that no reasonable person could hate the Beatles! Check out this video of the Beatles in mono.