Tuesday, May 17, 2011

F.H.E. Dad

I was called to be an Family Home Evening group leader, or in other words, an FHE Dad.  While I know FHE is of God when you have a family, but let's get real here, these people aren't related to me.  So basically I have to start going to FHE.  I'll magnify my calling nonetheless, but I hope it ends up being fun.  For this nights activity we got frozen yogurt haha!  Next time maybe a water balloon toss.


  1. You're funny. At least it's not like something with tons of Sunday meetings. I'll cry if I get put in as Relief Society anything, teacher anything, primary anything, nursery anything (maybe), and anything that has meetings on Sunday or during the week.

  2. Well you play the piano so you don't have anything to worry about. I have yet to be called to any Elders Quorum Presidency which I'm glad about.

  3. Love the guy on his tippy toes. But hey, here's a thought about your calling: you're helping people to make going to FHE a habit, so when they have real families they will be more prone to continue the habit. You are doing good things.