Friday, May 27, 2011

Herman's Revenge

So the other night Kurt and I had some time. We decided to make a movie. Like usually, we made it up as we shot it, so naturally it became a thriller type movie. I'm still editing it, but I'll post it on youtube soon. It's nothing special, but I thought I would experiment with my camera, which broke during the shoot. Tomorrow I'm going to mail it in to Canon in Irvine California to get it fixed. I noticed the address was on Alton Parkway, the same street Jolie used to live on when she lived in Irvine.


  1. What! It broke!! Crappy. Life must be on hold!!

  2. Speaking of broke, the photos in this post are too big--they're bleeding into the menu on the right. Select a smaller size on the photo's pop-up menu.

  3. I like them big. They're only like that when they're at the top. Plus, if you really want to see it better you can just click on it.