Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time Enough to Last

The title of this entry is the name of a certain episode of the Twilight Zone, a TV series made in the late 1950s.  My family used to watch it just after my parents split, so watching it isn't only nostalgic, but it also reminds me of a strange time of my life which caused me to learn and grow.

Since my mission I haven't really had any spare time.  As a student, any spare time means study time, and unless you're pulling a 4.0 every semester you need to study more.  I had my breaks and such, but most of those were filled up with surgeries or working as an EFY counselor which literally takes up all of your time.  I went on a few vacations which were great, but free time I had none.

This Spring semester I am taking two classes, "New Testament: Study of the four Gospels" and "CS 252: Computer Theory".  I spend a lot of time studying for the New Testament class, but it's interesting!  I finally get to read the New Testament and have a clue what it means when Jesus says something like "ye that do not hunger are going to hell" or something.  On my mission I hardly touched the Bible because the Chinese people had no idea what it was, so we just started off with the Book of Mormon.  Anyways, I have more free time now than I've had in a while.

What do I do with this free time?  Well, at first I wasn't sure.  I sat on Facebook a lot, like, too much.  In High School when I had all the free time in the world, Facebook didn't exist, so I thought, "how did I occupy my free time in high school?"  A few days ago I deactivated my Facebook account.  I don't miss it.  Of course my sister Christy texts me and said something along the lines of "Booooooooooooooo!", but I figure if I blog more than all the better, right?  My good friend Ma Xiyue (Mah Shee Yoo-eh) called and was like "你的Facebook怎么了?!"  She thought I deleted her from Facebook which isn't cool because she is one of the very best friends I've made down here while at BYU.  I explained things and all was well.

So finally, what do I do now to fill in my spare time?  I've watched too many episodes of "Heroes", a very well done TV series that is also very worldly.  Not sure if I'll continue watching them.  I have a nice big TV and Kurt has Netflix, so we realize it's a perfect way to waste our time.

I have started doing some photography and it's great.  I hope I can get decent.  I'm posting my photography at , so feel free to check it out.

I am reading a book by Elder Hales which was given to me from the Easter Bunny at my Dad's house.  I started reading it last night.

I am doing some programing stuff too.  I want to officially make some apps for the android market.  Think, if I made one decent app I could sell it and make like $5 a year.  That'd be sweet.

I have written two songs on the piano.  Every time I play them on the piano the lyrics are completely different and the arrangements differ entirely, but the keys are the same and the chord progressions are the same too.  The songs freakin rock and I hope to complete both of them this Summer.

I'm being more social.  Dating sucks, but I know I need to do it.  I date here and there, but no one in particular.  A week ago it was 10:15pm and I felt like going on a date.  I looked on Facebook (before I deactivated my account) and found a girl who was in my Calculus 2 class a year ago.  Her phone number was listed.  We went and got dessert that night.

All of my former roommates and I have watched every episode of American Idol.  We shall watch it again today.  Right now there are three finalists, all of which we really like, so we're excited to see what happens.

I am learning Sign Language.  Last semester two deaf people were in my CS Discrete Mathematics class.  This semester they are in my CS 252: Computer Theory" class.  Naturally we have become friends.  I learned a very basic foundation in high school, but now that I've learnt Chinese Sign Language is very easy.  It's just English, a language I already know, put into hand motions.  Sure some grammar differs, but if you use English grammar while talking to them they'll understand.  Again, my deaf friends are very patient with me.

I am again reading Chinese materials.  I feel like I should keep studying Chinese, but I'm not sure why at this point.  Meh.

I'm running again!!!!  My knee gave me trouble starting my Jr. year of high school.  On my mission it gave out once and I had my two companions crutch me back to our apartment which was a few miles away.  It eventually hurt every time I did anything but walk at a normal walking pace.  I had surgery done on it about two years ago and now I'm good.  The Doctor saved my knee, at least for now.  Every time i go running I say a prayer of gratitude that I can do so.  I don't expect me being able to run to last much longer, but I am grateful for the time I have now to go running.

It's good to have some free time now that I'm spending it wisely.  Well, I need to go study now for my New Testament Test which is coming up.  This was a long entry.


  1. I liked this cuz it was more in depth of what you've been up to. And yes, I still think you need to come back to FB, even if FB sucks, cuz it's more communication with MEEEE. =)

    As for your songs, I'm planning to put together a cd of mine soon enough. Maybe you can come visit and record at my house, or you can record at Guy's or something, and we can put it on the cd. I think that would be awesome to give out to family/friends at Christmas (maybe 2012 ha).

    I'm really excited about following your Deviantart. You should do your own tutorials, and I shall try them.

  2. "I figure if I blog more than all the better, right?"++!

    Yay for deviantart too. Is this the account you've had for a long time? I ask because I see that you have a couple of my photos in your favorites list and I haven't signed into my deviantart account since before my mish. :)

  3. Yeah, it's the same account. I want to do more photography stuff. I've always wanted to take a class, but at BYU I feel the beginning class, no, I KNOW the beginning class would bore me. I'll keep it up though and hopefully getter better :)