Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finals Are Over!

Wow, Spring Term has ended!  I feel pretty good about it.  I took my last final this morning, it was for my New Testament class that I really really enjoyed.  I'm guessing I got an A- in the class, but we'll see I guess.
    So I have a meal plan on campus.  It's this thing that allows me to put money on my card and use it to buy things at vending machines, the food court on campus, the grocery store on campus "The Creamery on 9th", or the BYU cafeteria "The Canon Center" which is a pretty cool place.  Since it's the end of the term my money on my card needs to be spent or else it vanishes away.  I could have spent it at the grocery store, but I thought I'd treat my friends to lunch so that we could eat with each other, after all, we had literally just finished finals.  Kei taught us how to sign "celebrate" in sign language (he is deaf).  It seems to be our new favorite sign next to all of the risque signs Kei taught us.
Me, Kei Ikeda, Preston Purnell, Dalton Purnell, Zach Romney
Preston had just learned the alphabet in ASL, so he must have been spelling something out here.  Kei teaches at the MTC, so that's why he's dressed as such.
    Since I'm an FHE Dad I have to go to FHE.  Who would have thought?  Once every certain-time-period-that-I-don't-know, each family gets to go to a member of the Bishopric's house to have FHE.  We went to Brother Washburn's house and ate dinner and roasted marshmallows.  My family is pretty cool and I'm actually glad I'm forced to go.  I mean, it was the week of finals, why have an extra lengthy FHE the week of finals?  Well, it was OK after all.
I would list their names, but you don't care.
So I'm currently in my room in Provo typing this.  Kurt is in the front room atm with Dalton watching a movie and I just heard Kurt yell, "She's so ugly!  I can't handle it! (laugher)".

So there are lots of foreigners where I live, particularly Asians, because I literally live across the street from the English Learning Center.  Well, I've made friends with the Japanese people that live here.  It's weird, I speak Chinese, but the majority of my Asian friends are Japanese.  I've had four Japanese roommates such as Yohei, Pra, Shun, and Fuku, and now I've been hanging out with Kei, and sometimes I hang out with Ryo, Airi, and Yuya.  Not to mention Nozomi is one of my best friends down here.  Meh.  Anyways, last Friday I was invited to a Japanese video game party.  Everyone spoke Japanese but me.  Kei, though deaf, can read their lips if they speak Japanese and they understand him when he speaks Japanese, so I really was the only one who didn't understand.  It was fun.  Tomorrow night we're having a Party for Yuya, the guy with long hair in the pic, because it's his birthday.
(Airi, Ryo, dude, dude, me, Yuya, dude)  I think Airi is really cute and Yuya is hilarious.
Towards the beginning of my BYU life I met a fun group of Chinese people.  Among that group is a girl named Jiang Jing.  We went on a date at a place called China Town.  The food is pretty good there.

Spring was a really fun semester.  I hope Summer is the same.  I'm taking a really hard class during Summer, and since it's Summer it's going to be twice as intense/fast, so we'll see how it goes.  I am, however, only taking one class, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Oh yeah, I have a new Summer job.  I got an email from someone who I have no idea how they got my email.  They were looking for an English teacher to teach High School Taiwanese students who are coming here on some Summer program thing.  I emailed them back my info and I got the job.  Below are a few pics of me and High School aged youth.  I love the youth, probably because I still feel like a teenager.  I'm pretty sure I get that from my Mom.  Just yesterday I walked past my friend Jaewon Song and he said that I looked like a 17 year old boy.

Here are some pictures of me with the youth previously.
EFY.  We weren't ready for this picture to be taken I think.

Taiwanese Jr. High School


Taiwanese High School

EFY Pizza night.  I made my boys eat their pizza with chopsticks.
EFY.  It poured on us as we ditched the girls and ran back to our dorms.

EFY.  This was a totally stellar group.  I still miss them.

I was walking down the street in China and I was near a High School that just got our of class or something.
I will always love the youth.


  1. "I would list their names, but you don't care."

    Jiang Jing is wearing some pretty nifty pants in that picture. Did you feel them?

  2. As I read your blog I have a hard time reading the Chinese/Japanese names in my mind. Usually it just goes something like, 'I've had four Japanese roommates like Jong, Jong, Jing Jong, Jong.'

    Looks like you have too much fun all of the time. You should come visit me and tone that fun down, down here. haha Actually it would be MORE fun. :) It's 108.