Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer At Last

Well, Summer is here at last.  I'm taking one class, CS 240, it's the mother of all CS classes, though I don't think it will be that tough, just very very time consuming.  they said it's the equivalent of having a 40 hour a week job, so we'll see how it goes.

I went to Yuya's birthday party, we ate cake, played video games, went swimming, and played more video games.  It was pretty fun.

Ryo, he is hilarious.

Yuya is the one standing.  I saw him today as I walked back from campus.
For FHE we were going to have a picture scavenger hunt, but four of the girls were late because they were at the mall, so we ended up waiting forever and then ended up just getting food.  I told the girls they owe those of us that waited cookies and/or brownies.  I wasn't joking.
This is The Malt Shop, a place kept alive by students.  It's pretty old and has a 50s theme to it, kinda like Burger Stop back home in Layton, only this place probably was around in the 50s.
I had my nice camera because of the original plan to go on a picture scavenger hunt, but since they were late we just took a group picture and then left to the Malt Shop.

Melanie and Emily had to leave early and play Ultimate with some people, so they're not in this pic.

While we were outside taking pictures, Kurt drove by because he had just gotten of work.  He is also in our family, but can't go most of the time because of work, so we were all happy to see him.  Not that we wouldn't be happy to see him otherwise or anything.
 Well, I have a program to write now.  It's a pretty easy program, but it's in a language that I've never used before, C++, so it's taking a really long time to teach myself how to do simple things that I already know how to do in Java, but I love it!  I definitely chose the right major.  I'm gonna go to the temple on Saturday.


  1. Looks like you have a huge social life. Awesome. I like all the pics. I was hoping to see your HDRs on this post!

    Today we went to the park and it was 110 degrees and the kids ended up playing in the broken sprinklers while we watched like 50 work released inmates in orange work around us. Creepy.

    And Burger Stop is in L-town. So NOT Kaysville.

  2. Ooo did you post them on Deviantart??? :)

  3. Oh yeah, I was thinking of the place in Kaysville, the place on main street, but Burger Stop is cooler anyways.

    I haven't posted them yet, I want to get a good sunset shot first :)

  4. "Looks like you have a huge social life."

    It looks like James' goal was reached. ;)

    Are you going to osculate with any of the people in those pictures?