Friday, June 24, 2011

Teaching Chinese High Schoolers and more HDRs

Well I taught for the first time and it was pretty fun, it's as close to Chinese EFY as I could get.  Here are some pics taking by and student who's English name is Sid.  We have the same camera, so we're friends.

I wanted to just goof off and make them laugh like I did at EFY, but they called me Mr. Hales and I had to be a bit more professional, not that my clothes helped me with that or anything.  Meh.

Willy, the guy in the red was wearing a polo shirt.  I told him in America it's cool to not button up the top button.  He then unbuttoned it.  Can you believe that I would EVER give fashion tips?  I'm turning from being a geologist into my sister Christy.

I actually sent the girl in the middle (green shirt) on an internship to teach English at a High School in Taiwan (my job on campus is to send BYU students to China/Taiwan to do internships).  So she helped them come here for a Summer and now I'm teaching them.  Funny how things work out.
This is Sid, the student with the same camera as me.

The trail I run on goes under all the roads, so I get to see stuff like this a lot.

The trail I run on goes over the river a few times.  It really is a nice run with people always on it walking their dogs, biking, running, etc.  That is Y Mountain on the right.

It was 1:00am when I edited this, I think it's too bright.  This is behind a strip mall in downtown Provo.

This was literally taken ten feet to the right of where I took the above picture.  I had the f-stop too low on this, so my depth of field has more blur than I'd like.  I think this one is way too saturated and once again too bright.  The building is the Nu Skin building in Provo.

This is the hang out of Provo for college students.  Sammy's in Provo.

This is the Provo Tabernacle which burnt down several months ago.  They are in the process of rebuilding it.  (update:  It is being built into another temple in provo.  This was taken before that was announced) 

The Provo City Library

This is some student house that I walk past a lot.


  1. "I'm turning from being a geologist into my sister Christy." LOL!! You do look fashionable though. =)

    LOVE the pictures. The college hangout is so sweet. And the picture you did at night you will have to fill me in on how you did it. I think it looks way cool!

  2. "They are in the process of rebuilding it."

    I couldn't find anything that says they are doing so. Are you sure?

    "This is some student house that I walk past a lot."

    Did you walk by that a lot during Fall or Winter semesters?

  3. Wow, the image of the Library looks incredible! Photoshop or camera filter? (What settings?)