Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring, Friends, Computer Science Theory, New Testament, Sign Language, & Tracting for Wives

So I'm going to try to be cool and make certain words big and such like my sister Christy does on her blog.

Well, this Spring semester has been pretty dang good.  I am going to school, but one of the classes I'm taking I'm actually retaking, so it's been really really easy.  I haven't studied for it once.  In my New Testament class I am learning so much it's awesome!  Seriously though, I've always disliked all of my previously taken religion courses, but this Semester I love mine.  I have a solid 90% in it right now and who knows how well I'll do on this paper I'm currently writing and the final.  I always get A-s in my religion courses, so I hope I can at least get that this time around.

Here is the last midterm I took for my Computer Science 252 Theory class.

I mentioned my friend Kei in an earlier post.  We had a class together last semester, but he's also in my CS 252 class this semester and will be in my CS 240 class next semester.  Since it's Spring term our classes are small.  We only have 12 people in our class, so we know each other pretty well and class is a pretty good social experience.  I always sit on the front row in my classes to help me stay focused, but so do the deaf students because their interpreters sit across from them and interpret everything.  I often watch the interpreter for Kei so that I might improve my ASL skills.  It seems to be working.
Kei is hilarious and everyone loves him.  I was eating lunch on campus this day when I suddenly saw this.

A while ago Kei proposed that we go on a double date.  One night he and I went "tracting for wives" as we called it.  This all began when one night Kurt and I visited him and brought him some cookies because we were bored.  Kei then wanted to introduce me to some girl from Japan.  We went there to bring her some cookies, but her roommate said she was gone and that she is engaged.  Awesome.  Some other girl walked up the stairs near to where we were standing outside the girl's apartment.  I thought she was cute.  Kei did not.  We chatted for a bit and then another girl came up the stares, girl #2.  Girl #2 saw us signing and grabbed Kei and immediately started pulling him awkwardly to somewhere.  We followed.  Kei look very confused.  I was very confused.  We ended up still on the third level of apartments, but on the far south end.  The pulling girl opened the door and in we went.  There were several girls there.  Two of them knew about as much ASL as me and we had a grand ole' time as Kei proceeded to entertain them with his hilarious promiscuous humor.  The girls gave us some yummy sweet bread and we ended up giving them the cookies.  We left.

A few nights later Kei and I went looking for one of the girls, but had no idea where she lived or even what her name was.  We decided to go knocking on all the girls' apartments in that particular building and ask for some random girl who's name we would then think up just so it looked like we were legit, hence our tracting commenced.  Hardly anyone was home.

A few days later Kei said two girls were asking about me....yeah.  He arranged a double date.  Our dates were the two girls who knew sign from the week before when we got pulled into the random girls' apartment.  The date was really fun.  Kei made Japanese food, the girls made hamburgers and some dessert that I don't know the name of, and I ate the food they all prepared.

So I have a calling, in fact I now have two callings as of this past Sunday.  I was just called as Elders Quorum Secretary.  It's actually the first time I've been in the Elder's Quorum Presidency, but I have the easy job so I'm happy.  I'm also an FHE group leader, or in other words, I'm an FHE Dad
I asked Kurt to give the spiritual thought despite him also being in charge of the activity, making crepes.  FHE wasn't thrown together the last minute or anything.  We also had a second movie premiere for the movie Kurt and I made recently.

One of the eggs Kurt used for his crepes was partially frozen.  
My FHE wife needed a male model.  She asked me and I made up some excuse.  But she quickly said that it's alright because I could also go on Wednesday or Thursday to her class thing and be a model then.  I let her know I did not want to participate and that I HATE wearing makeup.  She gave me the guilt trip thing saying, "...I just expected more out of my FHE husband".  Of course she was being funny, but she seriously needed someone.  Way later that night she asked again, which means she still hasn't found anyone and had probably been asking everyone she knew, so I felt bad and begrudgingly agreed to help her.

This is the only picture I took, right before she did anything to me.  She took some pictures after, but I shan't ask her for them.
Lucia is back from Korea!!!!  She is so awesome!  Kurt and I both love hanging with her, but since Kurt and I have both deactivated our facebook accounts she didn't know how to contact us, for her phone was dead because of her recent return from Korea, so she sent me an email.  Haha, who uses email anymore?  I got the message and didn't see Kurt that day, so I went to her birthday party by myself.

My sister Christy was with me when I purchased the clothes I am wearing in this picture.

In the US she turned 21, but in Korea she turned 22, hence the numbers on the cake.  I help the balloons for the picture to make it look more exciting haha!
So my camera broke, my awesome Canon 550D T2i.  There was a hot dead pixel in every picture and video that it took.  There was a spot that was always red and it was SOOOOO annoying.  I bought it on July 1 2010 and it has a one year warranty, so I sent it in and they are fixing it.  They said I'll get it back sometime later this week.  I feel so restrained without it.

Kurt and I went shopping
This was our fridge two days ago
This is our fridge today

It's late and I should sleep.  I have class in the morning at 8:00AM.


  1. Ah your clothes look so GOOD. You are quite fashionable. Well, I couldn't see the shoes. Which shoes are you wearing? :) lol

    You both need to get back on Facebook. Please!!

    Congrats on your new calling. You will make a good EQ secretary. :)

    You fridge kind of looks like ours, but we have juice instead of pop. Well we do have Monsters. Here in AZ it's so HOT that I drink like a mad man. It's crazy. I love it. I might go to the pool in 45 minutes, too. Isn't that awesome?

    See you on FACEBOOK. Oh. I'm going to make a Skype!

  2. Woah. HOLD THE SHOW.

    "My sister Christy was with me when I purchased the clothes I am wearing in this picture."

    < I > <-- notice that personal pronoun you are using when referring to 'purchased clothing?'

    When did this happen?!?!

    BTW Christy, what does "make a Skype" mean? I'd like to make a Skype as well. ;)