Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kei's First Marshmallow

So the past few days I've had a little bug, nothing big. It makes me feel tired all of the time and my throat has been dry but not sore, thank goodness.  I went to bed every night expecting to wake up with a bad sore throat because my roommate Yejezkel has been sick and I'm pretty sure I got it from him and he has had a bad sore throat for a while.  He never sleeps though, he's always out at night dancing somewhere, so his body doesn't have time to recover I think.

Earlier today Dalton and Preston suggested we go make a campfire somewhere.  I didn't feel terrible, but didn't feel great either, so I didn't commit to anything.  I wasn't in the mood to find firewood, marshmallows, and place to have a campfire, girls to come, etc, so I passed.  Well, they arranged everything and night came. I was playing Gran Turismo 5 with my friend Kei at my place when they all walked into my apartment.  I was feeling alright by then and asked Kei if he wanted to go with them to the fire and he said sure.

Kei is from Japan and is also a Computer Science major.  We're the same age and so we have had and currently have classes together, so naturally we have become friends.  Kei is hilarious and everyone loves him.  Kei is also deaf, so he speaks sign language.  He not only speak understandable Japanese, but he reads lips, speaks Japanese Sign Language, has learned English very well, and knows American Sign Language.  He is very smart and very humble about that fact.

My sign language sucks and Kei is very patient with my pathetic attempt to speak to him.  Dalton has put forth some effort to learn some basic signs to talk to Kei which I think is cool.  I have always wanted to learn Sign Language, but after high school never saw any of my deaf friends again, but now I have reason enough to continue my study of it.

Kei and Preston.  That is the first marshmallow Kei has every roasted

Our fire was nice and small

I'm too skinny

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  1. lol "I'm too skinny." Much better than fat!!

    Looks fun. I love campfires.